Clear Spring Palette (Bright Spring, Clear Warm)

Clear Spring

One of the most distinctive characteristic of Clear Spring coloring are the eyes: usually light and warm, turquoise, green or topaz, bright like jewels and impossible not to notice. Unlike the Clear Winter palette, the Clear Spring (Or Bright Spring on sci/Art), are definitely warm and most of the time they have light hair and light skin. However, both palettes share some colors as they are flow-seasons. They are both a blend of Winter and Spring, with Clear Winter leaning more towards winter and Clear Spring leaning more towards Spring.

General Characteristics Of The Clear Spring Palette

Clear Springs (also known as Bright Springs) can be sometimes difficult to identify because they have a tendency to be classified as Light Springs or True Springs instead if they are blonde. However, the following are some common characteristics of the season.


Clear Spring hair is usually golden blonde or brown with golden highlights, but can also be auburn and copper with highly contrasting pale skin that doesn’t read as warm. It’s important to note that Clear Springs tend to have lighter hair than Clear Winters, so it’s easy to mistake them for true springs.


This season’s skin is usually peachy, ivory or porcelain, and even women of color who fall in this season (they do!) have lighter and brighter skin. Your skin most likely has a warm undertone, peaches and cream complexions are very common.

Clear Springs has very fair skin, which tends to be slightly pinker than Clear Winters. Their skin tone is often described as “peaches and cream” or “cocoa butter”.


Clear Springs’ eyes will be bright and clear, the focal point of the face. They can be blue, green or topaz, and even dark brown as long as they are very high contrast with the white of their eyes and their skin. Most women of color who are Clear Springs have lighter eyes, light brown or hazel being the most common tones.

Are You A Clear Spring?

You may be a Bright Spring if your hair and eyes are light but your contrast level is high and your eyes have a jewel-like appearance. Your coloring will have a bright and crisp look, and the whites of your eyes are often very white. Many celebrities are Clear seasons, because it’s often a very striking color combination with really expressive and attention grabbing eyes. If too bright colors are overpowering, check out True Spring and Light Spring depending on your lightness level.

Clear Spring Celebrities

Unlike Light Springs, they can wear really intense colors and still look great and not overpowered by the brightness. And you can see the characteristic jewel-like eyes of the Bright Spring season. Some Bright Spring celebrities are:

  • Emilie de Ravin
  • Brittany Snow
  • Julianne Hough
  • Milla Jovovich
  • Emma Stone
  • Ni Ni

Clear Spring Color Palette

The Clear Spring palette may look very bright but combined with the striking coloring of this season it looks just perfect. You will find high saturation, high contrast warm colors, including bright pinks and intense burnt oranges, along with jewel like tones such as turquoise or lime green. You look great in black as well, since you flow into winter. Avoid dusty blues and muddy browns that dampen your natural brightness and make you look muddy. Tans and beige are also very nondescript on you, so it’s better to avoid them. Embrace fun combinations of black and a bright warm color, such as lime green or hot pink, and leave the pastels and browns for other seasons with a more muted coloring.

Some colors from the Clear Spring palette
Some colors from the Clear Spring palette

Clear Spring Makeup

The best makeup colours for Bright Spring are, like the rest of the palette, bright and clear. In fact, you’d be surprised at the amount of color this season can wear and still look natural. For the lips, light colours such as rose and blue pinks or even violet and purple amp up the contrast, combined with pure green or blue for the eyes. Look for colors that make your eyes sparkle and you can’t go wrong. If your hair is light you may prefer to stick to navy or coffee brown eyeliner, and avoid beige, tan, gold and dusty browns as they don’t do you any favors.

We have created a list of makeup for clear spring recommendations that goes into more detail regarding products.

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  1. says: Elizabeth


    Am interested in locating the original Spring color swatch in fabric to purchase. Had my color analysis done in late 1980’s and lost my original group of spring colors. Believe they included all the light & bright spring colors. Can you help me locate the original? Any help you might suggest would be deeply appreciated.

    1. says: Mary Lauer

      Hey Elizabeth I have one for you. It’s original spring. I can’t wear it anymore since I’m tinting my hair darker brown and going gray. I look better in winter colors now. Email me and I can send it to you. mary_lauer@

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