Deep Autumn (Dark Autumn) Palette

Deep Autumn
Deep Autumn, Dark Autumn or Deep Warm is a striking, deep and warm palette.

Deep Autumn, also known as Dark Autumn or Deep Warm, is an Autumn season which flows into Winter. Like all Autumns, their coloring is warm and muted, but the main characteristic of the Deep Autumn colour palette is the depth of the color. The overall effect is rich and vivid, not as contrasting as a Deep Winter but still striking. Deep Autumns are less warm than Warm Autumns as well. This means if you fall within this colour season you can get away with some pretty cool colors, as well as a higher level of contrast. Overall, you read as neutral-warm, without the golden undertones of the pure warm seasons but still more golden than Deep Winter, your sister season. The contrast level between your eyes, skin and hair is high.

General Characteristics Of The Deep Autumn Palette

You are likely to be a deep Autumn if you have several of the following characteristics:


Medium or dark brown, deep chestnut, deep auburn or even black brown but with golden or yellow undertones. Look at Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian or Oprah for reference.


Your skin is neutral but with a warm undertone, ranging from golden beige and warm olive to bronze, caramel or warm black. You can be pretty pale in winter and have freckles but generally speaking Deep Autumns tan instead of burning.


Deep Autumn eye colors can be all colors, but the most common ones are warm black, warm dark brown or dark hazel or green. There are some Dark Autumns with muted dark blue eyes, but if your eyes are very light or bright you may be a Clear season instead.

You may have got compliments wearing rich, warm shades such as Orchid or deep chocolate. People may ask you if you are sick when you wear lavender, pastel pinks or lilac. Dusty, pastel colors make you look tired and in some cases may even make your skin look sallow and yellow.

Famous Deep Autumn Celebrities

If you have a similar coloring to some of the following celebrities, you are likely a Deep Autumn:

  • Kristin Kreuk
  • Natalie Portman
  • Hilary Swank
  • Angela Bassett
  • Julia Roberts
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jessica Alba

The Deep Autumn Palette

The Deep Autumn color palette is Warm and Deep, but it requires relatively high levels of contrast so your best combinations will involve both light and dark colors. You will get compliments with dark outfits accented with bright pieces on your warm, statement shades. You can wear black, but you may look even better wearing deep chocolate or replacing that little black dress with a deep red one. If you have dark skin, create contrast by wearing outfits in lighter colors and accenting with darker ones.

Some Dark Autumns are overall slightly cooler, and can borrow from the Deep Winter palette. However, the best way to borrow is to stick with the darker colors of the palette. The icy light tones of Deep Winter won’t do Deep Autumn any favors! Often you can also borrow the pumpkin and spicy colors of Warm Autumn but they can look too much unless used as accent colors.

Some colors from the Deep Autumn palette
Some colors from the Deep Autumn palette

Deep Autumn Worst Colors

Anything pastel, dusky and muted will suck the life out of Deep Autumn skin, and cool colors are even worse. Metallic colors look great on you, and you can wear both silver and gold jewelry, but anything too white or cool will wash out your skin. If you are looking at metallic colored clothes, copper and dark golds usually fit better with your natural coloring.

Pure white will age you 10 years, whereas Ivory will give a healthy glow to your skin. However, an outfit that is too light may be too low contrast for you. If you look at the Summer palette you can see the kind of colors you should avoid, but some brights from the Bright Spring palette, particularly pinks, are equally deadly to your complexion.

Deep And Warm Makeup

Since your natural coloring is strong, you can get away with more makeup than other seasons and you will be positively glowing in red lipsticks and smoky eyes. Tomato red, Rush and Paprika are great colors for you, but you can also get away with some Berry colors. MAC Brick-o-la is just the go to shade for Dark Autumns, a perfect slightly berry red that wears intense but not too bright and warms up the Dark Autumn complexion beautifully. You can get away with black eyeliner, but a deep charcoal or warm chocolate can be easier to wear on a daily basis and will compliment your eyes beautifully. If you have hazel eyes, try a deep purple liner to bring out the greenish undertones.

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  1. says: Sophie Soh

    I am unsure if I fall under the category of warm autumn or deep autumn. I have dark brown hair and eyes (both looking almost close to black) and my skin colour is more tan than normal Chinese skin tones. My veins are green and gold looks better on me than silver. What other ways can I determine which is the correct category for me?

    1. says: editorial team

      The key to distinguish between dark and warm autumn is figuring out the most important thing for your coloring. Do you need clothes to be very warm (but can do with light colored outfits, as long as they are very warm) or is darkness more important? The only way to test is by actually holding pieces of cloth near your face and comparing the results (preferably under indirect daylight, indoors lighting tends to play havoc with coloring).
      You can try with the lipstick test ( as well.

  2. says: ClauDe

    So I’ve been trying for a while now what my colors are. I definitely know that I’m an autumn-I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, olive skin that is just a little fair in the winter. The celebrity that I look most like and am most similar in color palate is America Ferrera. I happen to own Chili, and can sometimes wear it, but it’s too bright. I also wear House Wine a lot and own a Viva Glam V that I doctor up because it’s a little too pink. What do you recommend?

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