The Flamboyant Natural Style (Kibbe Body Type)

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In his 1987 book Metamorphosis, stylist David Kibbe outlined 13 different body types based on bodily proportions, facial features, bone structure, and body flesh. Today, we’re going to be looking at the flamboyant natural style.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the flamboyant natural body type, including what it is, how to dress this body type, and examples of this style.

What Is the Kibbe Flamboyant Natural Style?

The flamboyant natural Kibbe style is one of Kibbe’s three natural styles: natural, soft natural, and flamboyant natural. Features that characterize this body type include angular bone structure and muscular limbs.

Body Type

The Kibbe flamboyant natural body type tends to be angular and straight but not sharp. The hips and bust are usually straight or flat unless the person has excess weight. Legs and arms are more muscular than fleshy.

Bone Structure

Flamboyant natural people has voluptuous body type usually have broad, square bones, which are angular and have blunt edges. Arms and legs tend to be longer, and hands and feet also tend to be on the large side. Wide shoulders rather than narrow.

In terms of facial bone structure, this body type most often has prominent facial bone contours or broad fesddww31w1watures that are blunt edges rather than sharp bones.


Flamboyant naturals tend to be taller than the average person and are typically over 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Facial Features

Facial features for this body type will be blunt, broad, and open. The lips tend to be thinner than average and are usually straight. Cheeks are taut, while the eyes can be either straight and small or open and large.


While flamboyant naturals will often have skin that tans well or becomes freckled in the sun, any coloring is possible with this body type.


Hair is often at extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to texture. A person with this body type might have coarse, curly hair or very straight, wispy, and fine hair.

What Excludes You From this Style?

If you’re trying to work out if you’re a Kibbe flamboyant natural or not, check these pointers. A person with this body type will NOT have:

  • Sharp, small, or pointy facial features
  • Curvy hips or waist
  • An hourglass figure shape
  • Symmetrical facial features or bone structure
  • A particularly petite silhouette

If you have some characteristics of a flamboyant natural but one or more of the above features applies to you, you may be a different body style.

Flamboyant Natural Style Examples

Many flamboyant natural celebrities provide excellent examples of this style type. The examples we give here are people either mentioned by Kibbe in his book Metamorphosis or celebrities whom Kibbe has verified as this style at a later date. They include:

If you compare these flamboyant natural celebrities’ images, it’s easy to see how they share the same body type. Most of these women are tall, have broad shoulders and angular bone structures.

How To Dress a Flamboyant Natural

Flamboyant natural celebrities are a great source of inspiration for how to dress for this body type. Here we offer some essential styling pointers for how to rock your flamboyant natural type.

Dress with ‘Natural’ in Mind

Remember, flamboyant naturals are still predominantly natural, so you should dress with this in mind. It means that you need to embrace your natural features and highlight your broadness and bluntness before adding dramatic sharpness as an undercurrent to your flared style.

Embrace Broad Shoulders

Many people think that they should try to downplay their broad shoulders, fearing they appear too manly, but the key to acing flamboyant natural style is to embrace them.

By wearing unconfined and open necklines, you give them the space they require. Your look will fall into place once you stop hiding your frame.

Wear Bold and Colorful Patterns

Prints and colors that are vivid and bold look great on flamboyant naturals. Soft-edged asymmetric designs, abstract geometric prints, and irregular shapes are all perfect for this style. Consider tropical prints and wild animal patterns when shopping for clothes.

Choose Clothes with Soft and Rounded Edges

While you want to emphasize your broad shoulders, you don’t want to make them seem too angular or sharp. Therefore, you should opt for clothes with soft and rounded edges to make your shoulders appear blunt but still a little sloped and not over-emphasized.

Separates are a Wardrobe Staple

Flamboyant naturals can rock dresses and one-pieces, but the bulk of your wardrobe should be separate tops and bottoms. Why? They look great on you!

A mix-and-match effect is what you should be aiming for, but always remember to highlight your elongated vertical straight line by always opting for strong shoulders.

Hair and Makeup for Flamboyant Natural Kibbe

The Kibbe flamboyant natural body type tends to have broad features and large eyes. You should emphasize these through your makeup, with strong contours and dramatic eye makeup. Dark lip colors will add sophistication and glamour, and a little color around your eyes will add an exotic hint.

Meanwhile, hair should be relaxed and free. Layers are a must for all flamboyant naturals, whether you have fine hair or coarse and curly hair. Avoid severe geometric shapes and cuts, and always aim to have texture and depth in your hairstyle.


The flamboyant natural Kibbe style is a unique body type characterized by broad shoulders, angular bones, and tall height. This style is fun to dress for, and you have a lot of choices regarding patterns and colors, as all things bold and bright look great on you.

This style is fun to play around with, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t feel you have to wear clothes or makeup that you don’t objectively like – you should try to marry the styling principles for this body type to your taste to create a unique expression of yourself.

Are you a flamboyant natural, or do you have a different body style? To find out more about other Kibbe body types and how to dress for them, check out the other articles on our website.

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