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We are all beautiful individual image. David Kibbe understood this when he published his seminal 1987 work David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis. Kibbe’s body types emphasize that there is no right answer to the question ‘what should a body look like’, only ‘how to understand and dress your body.’ Of all Kibbe’s body types, the classic body type is the most perfectly balanced. It avoids the flair of physiques that possess strong Yin or Yang leanings and rather finds its beauty in grace, subtlety, and perfect poise.

The way you dress a Kibbe classic body should reflect this. This style is at its most beautiful precisely when it eschews being striking.

What Defines a Kibbe Classic Body?

It’s easiest to understand the fundamentals of the classic body by considering what it’s not:

  • Not too tall, not too short. A classic body will typically be between 5’4″ and 5’7″
  • The bone structure should be neither strikingly large nor small, especially the hands and feet
  • The figure should not be too full (hourglass), but also can’t tend too far towards the petite
  • The facial structure doesn’t have extremely prominent features such as wide, round eyes or full lips

The balance in the features lines of a classic Kibbe is what permits the style of dress to work. The ideal clothing for a classic type would diminish the more striking physical features of types that demonstrate strong sharp Yang features. Likewise, hourglass or especially petite figures would be constricted or overwhelmed by dressing in this style.

The term ‘classic body type’ is sometimes mistaken as suggesting ‘ideal’ among Kibbe’s body types. However, no single shape denoted in David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis, including the classic Kibbe type, is given as an aspiration in itself. Each body type has a style that suits it perfectly. Remember that Audrey Hepburn isn’t considered among Kibbe classic celebrities this isn’t because of a lack of beauty or style, rather a different kind of beauty and style.

Yin and Yang

In Kibbe’s body types, Yin and Yang describe the type of features that different bodies possess. A classic body doesn’t display strong features from either side, but rather a perfect balance between the two.

Yin Features

  • Prominent curves
  • Petite body type
  • Hourglass figure
  • Light complexion
  • Delicate facial bones structure
  • Tapered shoulders
  • Rich, soft hair

Yang Features

  • Tall body type
  • High cheekbones
  • Angular bone structure with defined contours
  • Hair texture tends towards extremes (coarse or fine)
  • Distinctive facial features
  • Striking jawline

The classic Kibbe body is understood to possess a fine balance of these features, without veering too heavily to either side. In other words, Yin and Yang work in perfect harmony with these silhouettes figures.

When Yin and Yang features are especially pronounced, the best style of dress tends in turn towards flair and the dramatic. Think Marilyn Monroe (distinctive Yin traits) in that iconic white dress, or Gwendolyn Christie (strong Yang features) in that stunning, vibrant Iris Van Herpen dress on the red carpet at the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere.

By contrast, the classic Kibbe body presents itself best by exhibiting refinement, sophistication, and above all elegance. Kibbe classic celebrities such as Marion Cotillard exemplify this.

How to Dress a Kibbe Classic Body

Below is a guide to how color and style can be used to perfectly dress a Kibbe classic body.

Symmetry is Beauty

This is the first and most important rule to understand: as a classic Kibbe, your symmetry is the definition of your look. Asymmetrical silhouettes dressing can disrupt the perfect balance of your facial features and your body. For this reason, it’s important when considering outfits and accessories that you maintain perfect blended balance at all times.

Symmetry is associated with beauty in cultures across the world, and studies have shown that it is one of the most highly-valued traits in human aesthetics. Symmetry is the style that nature gave to you, and classic body types or natural types benefit most when dressed to accentuate this.

Understated Waistline

Many modern beauty standards push the idea of an almost impossible over-the-top hourglass figure as the paragon of female body types. This is both damaging and untrue.

As a classic Kibbe, your waist is at its best when it is gently defined against your curves. The mild curves that are a characteristic of this type should be visible but not overemphasized in contrast to the waist. Your soft natural contours are ideally suited to present themselves without much help.

Refined Use of Color

When considering colors and patterns, your first question should be ‘is this too loud?’ There’s no call for you to simply stick to monochrome or only dress in solid colors, but your clothing needs to speak for your body, not argue with it.

Consistent, subtle patterns that help to bring out the shape of your body and accentuate your symmetry are perfect choices. Don’t be afraid of clothing with personality, but make sure it’s a good fit for yours.

Fine Materials

Among Kibbe’s body types, the classic body’s look is one of sophistication and elegance. The materials you wear should reflect this. 10 outfits made from the finest materials will do you more favors than a wardrobe of 1,000 cheaper, coarser alternatives. Yes, you read that right: we are not only giving you license to buy that expensive dress, but we’re actively encouraging you.

Appropriate Accessories

Accessories are a hugely important part of any look but are a matter of delicacy for a classic body type. This is because your accessories should never distort your symmetrical silhouettes.

For example, your hat should never be the first thing anyone who meets you wants to compliment but should enhance your entire look seamlessly. There is one exception, which is the especially dramatic classic style. One of the few Kibbe classic celebrities who can make this look work is Kristin Scott-Thomas, whose hats in the beloved film Four Weddings and a Funeral were both dramatic and magnificent.

Seek Inspiration, Look Timeless

Many Kibbe classic celebrities are exemplars of what you can achieve with a little attention to detail: think Grace Kelly or Meryl Streep. Look through their back frame to find inspiration for what you can achieve with the Kibbe classic body type.

Refinement, elegance, and sophistication come naturally to you. Subtle expression and appreciation of your perfect symmetry are the keys to success. Click a similar article on our website for more information.

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