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David Kibbe was a fantastic mind who revolutionized the traditional makeover. Instead of sending people to a makeup artist and having them make you to look like someone else entirely, Kibbe invented the Image Identity System over 40 years ago. This system did away with the makeover ideology that involved changing everything about a person’s personal style or flair and replaced it with one that embraces the subject’s natural body type.

He published a book about his system that went into detail about 13 body types that are based on physical characteristics and personality. Kibbe provides each of the body shapes with guidelines to look your best without changing any part of who you already are.

Plus, when you look good, you feel good because body image is closely linked to self-esteem . You probably already know all of this and are reading this article because you’ve already determined that you’re a Dramatic Classic. Here is a condensed style made just for you.

What is a Dramatic Classic?

There are clear guidelines that determine which body type you are. You’re a Kibbe Dramatic Classic if you’re Yang-influenced with balanced facial features. This means:

  • Your skeleton is symmetrical with slightly angular edges.
  • You have tapered or square shoulders.
  • You’re of moderate height but not taller than 5’7.
  • You have a short waist, average or slightly longer legs and arms.
  • You have a straight figure, proportional bust line, hips, and waist.
  • Your facial features are symmetrical and even with a sharp, angular, or squarish bone structure.
  • Your eyes are a moderate size or on the larger end. Your lips are moderate.
  • Your hair is either thick and straight or fine and silky but never coarse. It could also be a wavy type.
  • If you are full-figured then any excess weight is collected in the hips and thighs, but you rarely gain weight around the bust line. The more weight you gain, the more pear-shaped your body silhouette becomes.

What Doesn’t Make You a Dramatic Classic?

You are not a dramatic classic body type if you have a boyishly straight or an hourglass figure, extremely long limbs, or extremely exotic or lush facial features. Dramatic Classic Kibbe people do not have extremely large or tiny bones, hands, or feet.

Recommendations for a Dramatic Classic

Kibbe went even further than just telling you what body type you have. He even provided us with dos and don’ts to ensure you can always look and feel your best as a classic dramatic type.

When you feel your best and your self-esteem is high, you’ll gain the courage to try new things and the confidence to make healthy choices for your mind and body.

Clothing Shape

For a dramatic classic style, you want to focus on clothing with a triangular shape with the widest line at the shoulders and a narrow hemline. Clothing should be a combination of symmetrical, sharp, sculpted, and tailored.

Be sure to avoid delicate, irregular, reconstructed, or extremely boxy shapes. Also, avoid symmetrical shapes that don’t have sharp edges or an elongated line.


Your silhouette should be trained, tailored, and sharp. There should be sleek, straight lines, elongated draping, and strong, crisp edges combinations.

Avoid clingy, flowy and horizontal lines. All garment lines should have sharp or sculpted edges.


You should invest in high-quality sheer fabrics that aren’t too heavy or too light, but with moderate weight. Matte fabrics should make up the bulk of your closet but shiny silks can be used for evening wear. Knits and woven materials, such as cashmere, are recommended.

Avoid light fabrics that are sheer and cling to your body. Also, avoid bulky heavy materials.


Details in clothing are very important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Sharp edges and shoulder pads should be your go-to. Clean necklines, notched collars, jabots, ascots, geometric V’s, and turtlenecks are made for Kibbe Dramatic classic clothes. Pleats, cuffs, and clean lapels are also recommended.

Avoid intricate details such as frills, plain detail without any edges, or wide bulky detail.


In terms of color, color should always be bold and sophisticated. Neutrals and deep colors are gorgeous and pastels can be used with the right fabric. Contrasting trim is recommending to accentuate the sharp edges. Use an accent color in multiple places or sharp color for  different occasions.

Avoid multicolor pieces and mix ‘n match unconstructed styles.


Jackets should be a huge part of your wardrobe and there should be one for every occasion. They should be tailored with sharp shoulders and elongated lines. The shortest jacket should be cropped at the hipbone and be sleek. Double-breasted jackets are your friend.

Avoid flouncy, boxy jackets. Also, peplums. Do not wear peplums.


Skirts should always be straight and narrow and gather slightly at the hip. Small slits, pocket flaps, contrasting stitching, and waistbands are wonderful. Hemlines should go below the knee to the top of the calf.

Avoid full, flouncy skirts, fussy detail, and A-lines.


Kibbe Dramatic Classic Clothes and blouses should be tailored and elegant with sharp edges. Cotton, charmeuse, floppy styles and challis are recommended fabrics Avoid frilly, ornate styles with too much or too little detail.


Dresses should be tailored and narrow and, of course, with sharp edges. Coat dress, chemises, elongated draping, or sleek bias cuts are recommended. You can define your waist with a geometric belt that is a contrasting color. Be sure to look for shoulder pads!

Avoid flouncy dresses with intricate trim, bows, ridges, or unconstructed shapes.


Angular, pumps, tailored flats, and narrow styles should be worn.

Avoid chunky heels, heavy platforms or plain pumps with symmetrical styles.


Makeup is not one-size-fits-all as make makeup brands would like you to believe. Matte colors and a pop of color on the lip are best for you with a bit of frost for the evening. Your cheekbones are your best friend so take advantage of contour and contrast.

Avoid too much makeup with lots of glitz. Don’t apply soft color and pale lips


Lastly, your hair should be moderate to short length and bluntly cut with angular edges. If your hair is curly, then be sure to keep it short.

Avoid cropped, boyish hair, too many layers, or wild styles.

Kibbe Dramatic Classic Celebrities

Need a visual? Here are some Kibbe Dramatic Classic celebrities:

  • Jackie Kennedy
  • Diana Rigg
  • Polly Bergen
  • Jane Wyman
  • Olivia Munn
  • Suzanne Pleshette


Dramatic Classic body types are absolutely gorgeous, but they’re even more gorgeous when they’re dressed well. Use this guide to aid you in your shopping and styling endeavors and be sure to click a similar article on our website.

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