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Knowing how to dress your body to look your best is essential. But figuring out what your body type is and searching through trends to see what works can be confusing.

A straightforward way of finding your body type is using the Kibbe body type test. If you take this test and find out that you have a dramatic body type, then we have everything you need to know about dramatic fashion.

We’ll let you know what to look for when dressing, what styles work best, and what to stay away from for your body type. If you’re ready to understand dramatic style, then check out this complete guide!

What Is a Kibbe Dramatic Body Type?

Kibbe’s method is all about finding your natural body type to embrace it and enjoy dressing to enhance your natural elements. The test mainly classifies body types according to physical characteristics of both body and facial features.

A significant element for this system was the concept of yin and yang: Yin connoting rounded, soft features, yang as sharp shoulders and angular bone structures.

Some body types are a blend of the two. However, dramatic is the extreme of the spectrum. Being completely yang means that dramatics textures have sharp-edged features. For this body type, think pointed-shoulders and angular jaws.

How to Know If You Are a Dramatic Body Type

When deciding if you are a Kibbe dramatic body type, look out for these common characteristics:

  • Bone structure: Tall and narrow. These body types often feature long arms and legs, large, narrow hands and feet, and narrow shoulders with sharp edges.
  • Facial features: Sharp, prominent, and angular features. Look at nose, cheekbones, and jawline for sharpness. Lips are typically straight and thin.
This body type isn’t just a synonym for slim. One must have sharp, angular structures and edges as well as long and narrow features. You might think of classic beauties like Lauren Bacall or Keira Knightley This body type would not be short, have an hourglass figure, or have short, fleshy arms and legs.

How to Dress a Kibbe Dramatic Body Type

As a dramatic, some shapes, silhouettes, and colors will be more flattering on you. When you’re dressing, we recommend keeping in mind these simple tips and tricks for finding the clothes your body type will fit like a glove!

Shapes and Silhouettes

For dramatic style clothing, look for shapes and silhouettes that complement your natural figure. It means that instead of looking for silhouettes that will contort your shape, look for shapes like rectangles and triangles. The sharp angles of your dramatic fashion will highlight your angular body type.


Just as you should look for angular shapes for this style, take a look at the lines as well. In some clothing, lines are flowing or less structured. This will not be as flattering as more classic dramatic style clothing.

Dramatic fashion style highlights structure and sharp lines. Look for sleek, elongated vertical lines that highlight your length. You can find this in structured pieces with less flowy, draping features.

Fabric Material

There is no point in buying a rectangle silhouette if the material can’t support the silhouette!

As dramatic dress often calls for pronounce lines and angles, you’ll want to keep an eye out for material that can support the geometric shapes you want.

Keep your eye out for heavy satin, soft dramatic knits, and sturdy lightweight fabrics. Dramatic knits are often softer to allow for them to drape and highlight your natural shape. Also, look for tightly woven pieces that will hold their shape longer.


When you want long, elegant lines in your silhouette, don’t let color break up your dramatic dress. Think color in terms of blocking. Dramatic dress is best when it is continuous, rather than broken up by small shapes, busy floral prints, or mix-and-match color schemes.

By using color blocking , you can achieve a dramatic style, and they will come together as an ensemble better. You can be as bold as you like, or opt for soft pastels and dark neutrals.

When looking at prints, it is best to go with large shapes to avoid looking busy. On tall and narrow body types, dramatic style often avoids intricate patterns. It is also vital for dramatic knits, which should be lightweight and simple.

Details We Love for Dramatic Style Clothing

Here are a few of our most loved details when it comes to the dramatic style. Grab pieces with these details when you can!

  • Sharp, clean silhouettes. Frills, bows, ruffles, and the like can make your body type look busy or fussy. Simple is often best for dramatic fashion.
  • Tailored pieces. A clean overall look often marks dramatic style clothing. To look as put together as possible, go for tailored shapes with small details like sharp pleats and crisply constructed cuffs.
  • Bold, angular necklines. Simple doesn’t need to mean boring! While a ruffled collar may not be your go-to, look for necklines that are clean and angular. Think halters, high necks, and plunging V’s.
  • Stand-out shoulders. Your angles are your best asset, so don’t hide angular shoulders under unstructured layers. By highlighting your shoulder with shoulder pads, you enhance your natural lines.

Kibbe Dramatic Fashion

Finding your unique style should be fun! Understanding the best styles and pieces for your body type helps make selecting your wardrobe easier. When you choose pieces that compliment your inverted triangle body shape figure, you’re more likely to love how you look in them.

As angular and sharp features mark the Kibbe dramatic type, we recommend similarly constructed clothing. Look for clean lines, angular silhouettes, and elongated shapes. Pieces with these features will highlight what you already have instead of trying to create a different figure.

Dramatic fashion style is best defined as clothing with straight, long lines, sturdy materials, well-constructed silhouettes, and color blocking. Avoid messy lines such as frills or busy patterns. Dramatic dress is perfect for showing off your long lines and sharp features.

If you want to learn more about dramatic fashion style and clothing, we recommend checking out our articles on dressing your body type. We have all the information you need for designing your best wardrobe that works for you!

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