The Flamboyant Gamine Style (Kibbe Body Type)

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David Kibbe is a highly revered icon in the fashion world for his body type classification system.

This system has multiple purposes. In a practical sense, it lets women pick out clothes, accessories, and hairstyles that suit their bodies. It also helps them accept and appreciate their bodies for how they are.

One of Kibbe’s body types is the flamboyant gamine. This title describes the figures of celebrities like Emma Roberts, Lady Gaga , and Audrey Hepburn.

If your bone structure, facial features, or other aspects resemble these ladies, you may have the flamboyant gamine body type.

Read on to learn more about this classification and how to use it to up your fashion game.

What Is Flamboyant Gamine Body Type?

The flamboyant gamine body type describes a smaller woman with an angular body structure. She possesses a childlike essence that’s daring and bold.

This body type combines both yin (female) and yang (male) opposites, but yang elements tend to be more prevalent.

Women with this body type have very defined muscles and appear to be strong yet lean. Their body structure has many straight lines, so they will have a flat bustline and hips.

Disproportionately long arms and legs also characterize the flamboyant gamine body type.

In general, flamboyant gamines will have:

  • A squarish body shape (rather than an hourglass figure)
  • Ordinary facial features (except for their large eyes)
  • Some asymmetry in facial traits and body type

The Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine Bone Structure

When defining different Kibbe body types, it’s essential to account for bone structure.

Women with the flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type are broad and angular. They have slightly wide bones, square shoulders, and large hands and feet. Petite women in this category may have shorter hands and feet, but they tend to be square and wide.

In terms of facial bone structure, these women generally have broad jawlines, noses, and cheekbones.

Overweight individuals tend to have square, stocky bodies. Most excess weight gathers below the waist rather than above it. They have fleshy faces and thick legs, arms, hips, and waists.

What’s the Ideal Height for the Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine Style?

Women with the flamboyant gamine style are typically on the shorter side. They’ll never be taller than 5″6″ and are often much shorter.

The Flamboyant Gamine Face Shape

The flamboyant gamine face shape can be broad or long. Some women may have a round shape, while others will have a slightly oval shape.

Taut facial flesh, moderate to full lips, and enormous eyes are also commonplace.

Flamboyant Gamine Hairstyles

Shorter styles will work well for flamboyant gamine hairstyles. However, it would be best if you didn’t play with texture. These women typically have a hair texture that lies on one end of extremes: either very curly and thick or straight and fine.

From warm to cool, coloring is also very flexible for this style. Whatever you decide on, you should stick to it. Choose a shade that’s either very vivid or very fair. Avoid combining colors to stick to the true flamboyant gamine fashion.

Flamboyant gamine hairstyles can vary greatly. Are you feeling hesitant to experiment? Consider some celebrities that fall into this category to see how their hairstyles differ. For example, you can think of Tina Tuner’s notoriously tousled hair or Kelly Osbourne’s brightly dyed short hair and one buzzed side Do your best to avoid subtle hue changes to your hair, lavish hairstyles, or hairstyles that conceal your face.

Flamboyant Fashion Tips

All gamine types have a lot of room for experimentation with their clothing, and flamboyant gamines are no exception.

Women of the flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type wear clothing that matches their bodies’ natural lines and gamine look. To best compliment your figure, you should select clothing with:

  • Boxy or chunky shapes
  • Short geometrics with sharp edges
  • Irregular, asymmetric shapes
  • Sculpted shapes

As you work on perfecting the flamboyant gamine look, check out these flamboyant fashion tips:

Skirts & Dresses

Have you ever heard of the A-line skirt ? If you’re a Kibbe flamboyant gamine, this term is a must-know.

As its name implies, an A-line skirt resembles the capital letter A. It’s fitted at the hips and gradually gets roomier near the hem.

As a flamboyant gamine, you can’t go wrong with an A-line skirt or dress.

You can also try a pleated skirt, which has the same fit as an A-line but features several folds that complement your larger bone structure.


Knowing what pants work well for you is essential when it comes to dressing for more casual environments.

We recommend anything that has a skinny or straight-legged design. Steer clear of flared pants, as these won’t flatter your long legs.


You can use shoes to emphasize this body type’s more masculine features. Oxford style shoes are a big must, as they’re flat and slightly chunky.

If you want to lean more feminine, you can opt for straight high heels or low, triangular heels.

To strictly adhere to this Kibbe style, skip the strappy shoes and plain pumps.


Ready to accessorize? Here are some suggestions for common accessories you can incorporate into your outfits:

  • Any hosiery that breaks your vertical line (rather than blends it with your hemline and shoes)
  • Small hats with asymmetrical shapes
  • Sculpted metal jewelry
  • Wide, stiff belts
  • Crisp leather bags or constructed briefcases


Always reach for vibrant, electric colors. In most cases, your motto should be “the bolder, the better.” Feel free to experiment with intense color combinations.

One thing to try is to have the top and bottom half of your outfit clash. For example, a dress with a large blue collar and an orange body is a flamboyant gamine’s go-to dinner outfit. This color combination will look great and maintain your body type’s desirable boxy appearance.

Fabric Materials

Avoid heavy or rough fabrics unless they’re a part of jackets. Instead, reach for lightweight or moderate fabrics. Ideally, these fabrics should be slightly crisp to highlight your sharp shoulder and your body’s angular nature.

For tops, choose light materials such as cotton and linen. You can also add texture by using woven fabrics like tweed, corduroy, and denim.

When shopping for bottoms, stick to lighter fabrics, such as silk, wool, and cotton. Avoid heavier fabrics such as denim and leather.

Embracing Your Flamboyant Gamine Style

When you have a solid understanding of the flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type, there’s a lot of room to personalize your style. Use this guide as a starting point to flaunt your look!
For more on flamboyant fashion or other Kibbe body fashion guides, check out other articles on our site!
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