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Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. It is important to dress and style your fashion to best compliment your frame and facial features. Proportions of a woman’s shoulder, bust, waist, and hips are not the only parts of a women’s body that can affect her appearance. A haircut or dress that looks fantastic on one woman with softer features may look unflattering on another woman with sharp features.

David Kibbe breaks down 13 body types ranging from dramatic to flamboyant gamine. This system highlights a woman’s unique features and makes shopping easier to find the right basics. Women who have Kibbe natural body types can find tips in this guide for styles that accentuate their natural beauty.

Kibbe Body Types: Yin and Yang

David Kibbe’s definition of a natural body type characterizes broad, angular bone structure, and blunt edges.

To assess if you fall under a Soft Natural Kibbe body type , you can take a body type test to check if your bone structure, body flesh, and facial features align.

The natural body type comes from Kibbe’s application of how different types exhibit yin (softness) and yang (sharpness).

David Kibbe believes we are on a spectrum. Every one of us has a mix of feminine and masculine features, also known as yin and yang . The classic style falls in the middle of the entire spectrum, followed by natural, then dramatic on the yang side.


  • Soft edge
  • Curvy
  • Petite
  • Delicate
  • Round


  • Sharp edge
  • Muscular
  • Broad
  • Blunt
  • Narrow

A natural Kibbe type has more yang than a classic and more yin than a dramatic body type. Natural body types have soft yang, which is predominately yang mixed with a bit of yin.

Natural Body Types

The body composition of natural body types includes slight deviation of broad and angular features without being extremely narrow and sharp edges. These characteristics has slight deviation as long as it does not disrupt the soft yang balance.

Women with the following bone structures, flesh, and facial features fall under the natural body type.

Bone Structure

The bone structure of naturals relates to how clothes will hang on the frame. Their features include:

  • Slightly straight lines
  • Broad shoulders
  • Slightly angular with blunt edges
  • Taller around 5’9”
  • Hands and feet are moderate to somewhat bigger and squarish
  • Blunt and angular facial bones (nose, cheekbones, jawbone)

These bone structures will not have extreme sharpness:

  • Will not be sharply angular
  • Will not have prominent facial bones
  • Will not be extremely short or tall


The fleshiness on the hips, bust, waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms will look:

  • Lean and slightly limber
  • Straight and musculature
  • No waist definition
  • Slightly long arms and legs
  • Flat hips
  • Slightly flat bustline

Figures that do not fall into this classification include people with a:

  • Curvy, hourglass figure
  • A boyish, thin figure

Facial Features

Natural Kibbe facial features include:

  • Taught cheeks
  • Slightly broad
  • Moderate to small eyes
  • Slightly thin lips
  • Broad, blunt, irregular shapes

These facial figures will not fall into this category:

  • Symmetrical facial structure
  • Overly exotic or prominent features

Kibbe Natural Celebrities

There are plenty of examples of famous Kibbe natural celebrities that fit these descriptions. When analyzing if you have a natural body type, you can compare your features to these celebrities as a reference:

These celebrities have natural body types with long but wide lines and slightly rounded but blunt edges. For these celebrities’ styles, they should wear relaxed outlines to bring movement to the straight body frame.

Fashion Guide for Natural Style

The most important fashion tip for a Kibbe natural is to accommodate their broad shoulders with enough space in a shirt or dress. It is better to wear loose necklines such as boat necks, V-necks, and loose cowls.

Instead of playing down a natural body type’s broad shoulders, David Kibbe’s style is all about promoting unique features to create unity image.

Loose Fabric

  • Outfits that hang loosely on the shoulders look elegant and sophisticated on a Kibbe natural.
  • They mimic a Kibbe natural’s shoulder shape that complements their bone structure, whereas someone who is not a natural body type runs the risk of looking matronly.

Draped Waist

  • A dress needs to have the right amount of weight and dimension to match a Kibbe natural’s yang bones.
  • To emphasize the natural body waist, draped details highlight curves without looking bulky.

Soft Geometric Shapes

  • A Kibbe natural looks fantastic in geometric shapes similar to a Kibbe dramatic body type. However, the geometric shapes on a natural body type need to have rounded edges to balance the soft yang.
  • Hair shapes should be soft-edged while also blunt.
  • Accessories like earrings and necklaces can be square in shape with soft edges.

Minimal Details

  • Plain or prints, solid colors on loosely tailored and unconstructed dresses look best with a Kibbe natural body type.
  • Matte fabric also looks better than sheer fabric for a daytime look.
  • Ruffles or pleats should be kept to a minimum. However, lace or embroidery touches can look chic and refined on a natural body type if used correctly.

Clothes to Avoid

  • To avoid a dramatic body type look, don’t use:
  • Overly sharp angular lines
  • Severely straight lines
  • Highly tailored or unconstructed silhouettes
  • Closed or restrictive details
  • To avoid a romantic body type look, don’t wear clothes with:
  • Flowing, swirling lines
  • Frilly lines and excessive details
  • Extremely oversized details

Clothing alone does not fit into a Kibbe type. Instead, it is the overall look and feel of the outfit that brings balance. The same goes for hairstyles, accessories, and a fabric’s stretchiness and material.

Explore More of David Kibbe’s Styles

Knowing the basic principles of what to avoid and buy can enhance your taste and style.

David Kibbe’s natural style is only one body type from 13 types. There is a perfect style for every body. Finding your style will bring balance to your appearance. Click through similar articles on our website to find out more!

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