The Romantic Style (Kibbe Body Type)

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In today’s society, looking beautiful seems impossible. Modern beauty standards tell us that we need to change everything about ourselves to fit into a specific mold.

Luckily, there’s the Kibbe body type system. This system helps you determine what body type you have and accept and love it the way it is. The goal is to achieve harmony by flattering your natural feature.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on the romantic body type. What is romantic style? Read on to learn about the body type and the best romantic fashions.

What Is Romantic Style?

So, what is romantic style? According to the Kibbe system, this body type consists of primarily feminine features. Someone with a romantic look exudes primarily yin (female) energy To determine if you have the Kibbe romantic body type, see if you have features such as the following:


People with this body type won’t be extremely tall. You can expect them to be around 5’5” or shorter.


When it comes to stature, most Kibbe romantics have a petite to moderate frame. They can also be overweight; in this case, their body and face will be very rounded shapes.

Body Type

One can describe the body type as to have curvy shapes. Most people have an hourglass figure that compliments their bustline and hips. The waist is usually small in proportion to the lush curves. Additionally, the body is very soft, as evident by features such as fleshy arms and legs.

Bone Structure

People with this body type tend to have small hands and feet, rounded/sloped shoulders, etc. Note that some features might seem slightly wide, but your voluptuousness ultimately makes your dainty bone structure small and delicate bone structure.

Facial Features

The face will not have sharp or angular edges feature. Rather, it will be lush and rounded. Eyes tend to be large and bright with fleshy cheeks and full lips.


The romantic look usually features a delicate skin tone that is bright or translucent. However, any type of undertone is possible (cool, warm, blended, high-contrast, etc.).


Hair tends to be luxurious and soft. It can be thin and silky or thick and curly.

Which Celebrities Have the Romantic Look?

Wondering which celebrities have the romantic look? Looking at examples can help you determine if you have the same body type. It can also inspire you when it comes to romantic fashions.

One of the most famous romantic celebrities is Marilyn Monroe . She’s the poster child of this body type, thanks to her hourglass figure. Her features are fleshy and rounded rather than sharp and angular.

Other celebrities that have the Kibbe romantic body type include:

  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Madonna
  • Helena Bonham
  • Beyonce
  • Christina Ricci

Romantic Fashion Style

Once you recognize and accept your body type, you can style yourself to complement your natural features.

One of the best ways to do this is through romantic clothing. When choosing romantic outfits, keep the following elements in mind:


Romantic clothing should maintain your hourglass figure. Instead of straight lines and geometric shapes, it should have soft edges. Swirly patterns and flowing silhouettes will help you highlight your natural curves.


Romantic fashions tend to focus on mature femineity. So, when it comes to the details of your romantic outfits, make sure they are womanly and not childish. Avoid tiny ruffles, geometric necklines, and oversized belt buckles. Instead, choose more elegant details such as pearls, draped sashes, or delicate lace.


Pastels and bright colors will help you emphasize your femininity. For accent colors, pale neutrals like taupe and white will be your best friends. Avoid sharp color contrasts and dark schemes.


To adhere to standard romantic fashions, don’t wear jackets that are shapeless and have sharp edges. You should choose jackets fitted at the waist with rounded shoulder pads. They should also taper at the sleeves with intricate buttons.


Sweaters should have knits that are plush or soft and fluffy. They should also be short with plenty of waist detail. Avoid oversized sweaters and turtlenecks.


When it comes to blouses, choose styles that are soft and draped. They can have sophisticated flounces and an antique look. Be sure to avoid tailored blouses or those made out of heavy fabrics.


Pick a flowing, feminine dress with ornate details that emphasizes the waste. Avoid styles that are overly baggy or don’t emphasize the waist.


For skirts, any flared style is ideal. Swings, trumpets, and gored styles will accentuate your curves.


Pants should gather at the waist and have a tapered bottom. Seeing as jeans might contrast with your elegant nature, you might choose ones made of corduroy or velvet.

Pairing Separates

When pairing separates, you should emphasize fluidity. Blend colors, textures, and fabrics in a way that maintains continuity. Whatever you do, avoid stark contrasts between the top and bottom pieces.


Accessories like jewelry, shoes, and purses should be delicate and intricate. Don’t choose ones that are overly clunky or boxy.

Evening Wear

For a fancier occasion, hourglass ballgowns or elaborate cocktail dresses will serve you well.

How to Style Your Hair According to Romantic Fashions

Besides choosing romantic style clothes, you can complement your body type by styling your hair in a certain way.

Consider a cut that frames your face or has layers that accentuate curls. You don’t want hair that is overly layered or has blunt edges. These cuts can lead to messy looks that will take away from your natural elegance.

How to Do Your Makeup According to Romantic Fashions

When it comes to makeup, romantic fashions say to reach for soft, pretty colors. Light pinks, reds, and oranges will look great on your lips and cheeks. Feel free to add a little sparkle.

It’s best to stay away from neutral looks, high-contrast colors, excessive contouring, and matte products.

Embrace Your Body with Romantic Fashions

Thanks to this guide, you can now answer “What Is romantic style?” You also know which romantic style clothes, hair, and makeup are best for your body type. Use these tips to feel confident and embrace your natural beauty.
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