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Anybody interested in fashion and style analysis should be familiar with David Kibbe’s thirteen body types. It is a way to identify and categorize body types based on the proportions of your bone structure, facial features, and body flesh.

While not every individual’s body will fall perfectly into one of the thirteen designations, it’s a great way to figure out how to approach certain styles and fashion sheer fabrics choices. If you’re interested in learning more about Kibbe soft classic type, read below for more information and style advice!

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

The Kibbe system looks at the body’s composition of yin and yang , with yin being feminine and rounded shapes and yang being muscular body type and angular lines. Kibbe soft classic prominent features are a balance of the two, with a touch of sophistication towards yin.

The Kibbe soft classic description includes:

  • Moderate height, no more than 5 feet 6 inches
  • Slightly round facial features large eyes and full lips and cheeks; the facial bones is symmetrical shape and evenly spaced.
  • Arms and legs are sometimes short, relevant to the total height; bust, hips and waist emphasis proportions are even.

If the above items reflect your physical body, the odds are that you have a soft classic body type. Keep in mind that not everyone will exhibit every feature described here. Instead, these details capture the general characteristics of this type.

A few things that the Kibbe soft classic body type is NOT:

  • Not a tall figure
  • Not an hourglass figure
  • Not an angular bone structure
  • Not a very petite figure

Kibbe Soft Classic vs. Soft Natural

Since there are so many Kibbe body types, it’s easy to get their defining features mixed up with each other. One commonly confused pair is the Kibbe soft classic vs. soft natural types.

While both body types are on the shorter end, the soft natural body type generally extends up to 5’9″, whereas most soft classic bodies aren’t taller than 5’6″. Both body types will typically feature arms and legs shorter than usual, so anybody sporting those could fall on either side of the fence.

The most significant difference to note between the two styles is the body’s bone structure. As previously mentioned, the soft classic Kibbe body type has a gentler, round bone structure in the face and body. On the other hand, you can expect to find sharper, harder, more angular bone structures in soft natural body types.

Kibbe Soft Classic Celebrities

Curious to know which A-listers rock the Kibbe soft classic look? If you’ve never wondered before, it could be a great way to get some fashion inspiration. After all, celebrities are always trying to look their best. If you know you have the same body type as certain celebrities, it won’t do any harm to know which fashion styles suit them best. It will probably apply to you, too!

If you need proof, keep in mind that all the ladies on this list were either ones David Kibbe named in his original book on the subject or later verified by him. Here are some Kibbe soft classic celebrities:
  • Naomi Watts
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Meryl Streep
  • Olivia de Havilland
  • Joan Bennett
  • Meredith Bexter
  • Laura Linney
  • Joan Fontaine
  • Emma Thompson
  • Kristin Dunst

It might help to seek out their red carpet pictures or any famous movie scenes to see the characteristics of this type. Checking out Kibbe soft classic celebrities is a great way to nail the best styles for your body type!

Soft Classic Style Tips

Particular clever wardrobe and fashion choices can accentuate the natural yin/yang balance defined by your Kibbe body type with great results!

Wardrobe Tips

With garments, you want to pick delicate, flowy pieces such as a dress with a flowing skirt. The curves in the Kibbe soft classic description are something to use to your advantage. You want a symmetrical look that doesn’t have any hard edges or clingy fabrics.

It doesn’t mean you should avoid getting things like suit jackets and heavy coats tailored to suit your body. However, talk to your tailor about your body type and try to avoid getting too tight of a fitting. Remember to keep it smooth, not clingy! It would be best if you tried to achieve a smooth silhouette with slight shaping.

The slight lean towards yin suggests an understated sophistication and sense of refinement should be part of any Kibbe soft classic outfit.


For makeup that completes such an outfit, try to go for a watercolor effect: rosy cheeks, light eyeshadow from a palette of your choosing, and glossy lips.


Remember: your body type is mostly balanced, with a slight yin influence that manifests in your gentle, round edges. Mimic those edges with any prominent accessories that you decide to feature on your neckline or wrists/sleeves by choosing round, oval shapes.

Kibbe Soft Classic Hairstyles

Any natural hair texture can look good with a soft classic Kibbe style. If you want to try and achieve Kibbe soft classic hairstyles, try something smooth with light feathering details around the facial features.

Moderate length is best, but longer hair styled with wavy and symmetrical balance also looks excellent with a soft classic piece.

If you want longer locks, though, you’ll have to spend extra time getting your hair just right every day.


As a Kibbe soft classic body type, you have to walk the fine line between sophistication and romance. This delicate balance is appropriate since the body type has elements of both yin and yang.

There are plenty of solid style choices when it comes to the soft classic Kibbe designation. On the other side of things, it’s easy to go overboard one way or the other and upset that delicate, refined balance that makes the soft classic style so alluring.

If you’re still trying to complete that perfect look, make sure to check out the other pages on our website for more style ideas!

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