Deep Winter Makeup List

Deep Winter is a dark, intense season. Not as cool as True Winter but still, it can do drama easily. What looks natural on a Deep Winter looks vampy on almost anybody else. This is the season for the casual black eyeliner and red lip combo. Avoid nude lips and makeup that is too subtle. Frosted eyeshadow will need contrast to look its best.

Deep Winter Makeup For Eyes

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Deep Winter Eyeliner And Mascara

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Dark Winter Makeup: Blushes

You can easily do black eyeliner and the darkest black mascara, but may feel more comfortable with charcoals and dark greys. For a bit of fun try a wine or purple colored eyeliner or mascara.

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Dark Winter Makeup: Lipsticks

Dark Winter doesn’t really do “nude” lipsticks. Anything that is too light or too brown will wash you out. Wine, berry and darker colors will look natural on you. Just apply them with a lighter hand for daytime.

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