Soft Dramatic Style (Kibbe Body Type)

If you are not already aware, there are 13 different Kibbe body types divided into 5 different categories:

  • Dramatics
  • Naturals
  • Classics
  • Gamines
  • Romantics

These natural body types help women determine their personal styles. They are largely based on ideas of feminine and masculine energy.

Kibbe body type has some kind of balance of yin and yang (feminine and masculine energy) and contrast and blended. Also, each Kibbe category has its lines of subdivisions. Today, we will be exploring one of these sub-styles: the soft dramatic style.

The soft dramatic body type is angular and features long vertical lines. However, it differs from the dramatic type in that it has more yin energy: the soft dramatic style fabrics luxuriousness, ornate shapes, and all-embracing drama.

Read the article to learn more about this style and find out if it aligns with your aura and physical characteristics.

What Is the Soft Dramatic Kibbe Physical Profile?

When Kibbe conceptualized the 13 different body types, he offered some specific physical appearance and characteristics for each one.

Check out what the soft dramatic’s physical profile entails:

  • Height: Soft dramatic body types are usually average height or taller. As a baseline, you should be 5’5” or taller to fit the description.
  • Bone structure: Soft dramatics typically have large and angular bone structures. Your facial bones are prominent, particularly the jawline, cheekbones, and nose. Your hands and feet are usually large in terms of length or width.
  • Body type: The body type is usually described as fleshy. You tend to have the most flesh in the hip area and bust. Long arms and legs are common, and you typically have a lot of flesh in the thighs and upper arms. Your waist is typically moderately sized, though some soft dramatics have thicker waists.
  • Hair: Soft dramatic hair features extreme textures. It can be fine and wispy or wavy and coarse.
  • Facial features: Your facial features should be lush, full, and sensual. They are often described as exotic. Fleshy cheeks, large eyes, and full lips are typical of a soft dramatic.
  • Coloring: A soft dramatic usually has a distinct skin tone, whether that be fair or vivid. However, this body type can be any color from blended to high-contrast.
  • Weight: If a soft dramatic is overweight, she will tend to have heaviness in the fleshiest parts of her body. These include the face, bust, waist, upper arms, thighs, and hips.

You can still be a soft dramatic but not meet every single requirement to the tee. As long as you have a powerful sensual aura that’s combined with an exotic physicality, you can embrace the soft dramatic body type.

What Are Soft Dramatics NOT?

While the definition of a soft dramatic is loose and up for interpretation, here are a few things that they typically do not have:

  • Boyish figure
  • Delicate bone structure
  • Small facial features
  • Small hands and feet
  • Body or triangle face shape symmetry
  • Small stature

Clothing & Style Recommendations for the Kibbe Soft Dramatic

Not sure where to start with dressing for the Kibbe soft dramatic body type?

Here are some recommendations that we’ve broken down into different elements:


Opt for bold geometric shapes that have soft edges and oversized ornate shapes. Steer clear of shapes that are small, have sharp edges, or are symmetrical shapes.

Line & Silhouette

You should embody a “T” silhouette. This means that you have an elongated torso and broad shoulders. Flowing, draped lines, or sweeping, bold lines should be your go-to. Avoid stiff tailored lines and shapeless silhouettes.


Wear lightweight fabrics like jerseys, handkerchief linen, challis, crepes, and silk. It doesn’t really matter what kind of fabric you wear as long as it flows gracefully and drapes easily.

Do not pull out fabrics that are heavy or have rough textures type. You should avoid creating a stiff shape type with your fabric whenever possible.


For soft dramatics type, the devil is in the details. Any detail that you add to your outfit should not be minimal, plain, crisp, or symmetrical. Rather, aim to make every detail you add ornate, bold, and oversized. Some examples of this include shoulder pads with a combination of soft edges, soft plunging necklines, and oversized bows.


You do not want to disrupt your elongated form with separates. To avoid this, incorporate artfully blended lush textures. Luxurious prints and rich colors will work for the majority of your clothing lines.

Whatever you do, try to achieve a harmonious head-to-toe look and steer clear of a mix-and-match clothing style.


Any prints you use should feature ornate, wild, and bold shapes. Some examples include watercolors, animal prints, and abstract florals. Any irregular shapes with rounded edges should do the trick.


A soft dramatic should always make bold use of color. Your color combination should never be dull. Try to emphasize bright and dark mixtures.

You can experiment with pastels if you incorporate them into your whole head-to-toe look. If you want to try a monochromatic combination, you’ll need to make up for it with some vividly colored accessories.


Now that you’re familiar with some elements of a soft dramatic check out some individual accessories you can do:

  • Your shoes should be angular and tailored.
  • You can’t go wrong with a pair of high and narrow heels
  • Types of shoes for a natural body type simple tailored styles work well
  • Rounded oversized bags made of exquisite fabric or leather are a soft dramatic’s best friend
  • Your belts should be wide and bold with ornate buckles
  • Try an oversized hat that has ornate trim and a rounded shape. It should be glamorous and theatrical
  • A soft dramatic, you should avoid the “no-jewelry” look. The bolder your jewelry, the better. Opt for pieces that have glitter finishes and bold geometric shapes
  • Steer clear of delicate and antique pieces
  • Wear ultra-sheer stockings. When possible, blend your shoe and your hemline to emphasize your strong vertical line.

Embrace the Soft Dramatic Style!

If you’ve read through this guide and determined that the soft dramatic style matches your essence, start rocking it today! Have fun with it, and stick with these gamine guidelines so you can truly align yourself with this natural body type look.

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