The Soft Gamine Style (Kibbe Body Type)

During the 1980s, David Kibbe developed the Kibbe body type system. The system determines one’s body type based on their physical appearance and personality essence. 

When assigning a body type, the system considers how much feminine and masculine energy a person has (yin and yang). It also considers whether the person has a higher contrast or blend of these energies. 

A person can fit into one of thirteen different body types. The types fall into five families: classics, dramatics, romantics, naturals, and gamines. 

In this article, I will be discussing the Kibbe soft gamine body type in-detail. I’ll cover what features characterize this body type, clothes that suit the soft gamine style, and more. Read on for a complete overview! 

A Brief Gamine Description

In French, “gamine” means kid. The fashion industry initially used the word to describe a style that was innocent, sweet, and childlike. Later on, Audrey Hepburn became the gamine poster child. The term now refers to women with a youthful, cute, and boyish appearance. 

There are three kibbe gamine types: pure, soft, and flamboyant. All three types refer to a mixture of yin and yang features. “Pure” refers to an even combination. “Soft” refers to a heavier emphasis on yin features while “flamboyant” refers to a heavier focus on yang features. 

This article will specifically focus on the soft gamine body type. See below for defining features of this body type.  

Soft Gamine Facial Features

Soft gamines have a mixture of yin and yang features (with a heavier emphasis on yin features). The defining characteristics are soft, round bodies accented by angles and sharp lines. The result is a cute, boyish appearance. 

Below, I list some of the most common doll-like features people with this body type have. 

Yin Features

  • Soft, delicate, and rounded cheeks
  • Large, round eyes
  • Small nose

Yang Features

  • Thin, narrow, and angular lips
  • Square-ish and angular jawline

Remember that while soft gamines have a mixture of yin and yang features, they usually have more yin features. A good example would be a woman with a more masculine square-ish jaw and more feminine large eyes, soft cheeks, full lips, and a small nose.  

Other Soft Gamine Features

Facial features are some of the most distinguishable. However, soft gamines also have other defining characteristics. 


Most people think that soft gamines need to be short (under 5’5″). This stature can help contribute to a youthful, boyish appearance. 

However, one’s height doesn’t have the final say. You can be tall and fit into this category because of other features.


Soft gamines tend to have round, soft, and fleshy bodies. Their bodies are usually not straight nor rail-thin. 

But, like with height, weight isn’t necessarily a defining feature. It’s more about the proportions that I discuss below. 

Arm/Leg Length

Typically, arms and legs will be short compared to the rest of the body. They should be fleshy and soft. 

Head-to-Body Proportion

While arms and legs are short compared to the rest of the body, the head is usually large in comparison. This imbalance helps contribute to a youthful, doll-like appearance. 

Bone Structure

The overall bone structure tends to be fragile and small yet somewhat broad and angular. The shoulders may be relatively square, the hands and feet small yet wide, etc.  

Soft Gamine Celebrities

So far, these descriptions should give you a good idea of this body type. 

If you want to get a fuller picture, here are some examples of soft gamine celebrities: 

  • Sarah Hyland
  • Mary-Kate Olsen
  • Ashely Olsen
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Coco Chanel
  • Emma Roberts
  • Amy Winehouse

These talents are just a few examples of soft gamine celebrities. I’m sure you can think of more; brainstorm celebrities with square jaws, round cheeks, wide eyes, and other defining features.  

Soft Gamine Fashion and Style

Think you fit the soft gamine description? Here are some of the best style tips for you. They will complement your body type and boost your confidence. 


Hair can be of any length. Just consider the celebrities I mentioned above; they rock just about every hairstyle you can imagine. 

However, boyish hairstyles (like pixie cuts) seem to suit this body type best. The masculinity serves as a contrast to your other, softer features. It helps highlight your femininity, creating a very attractive look. 


As a soft gamine, it’s time to adopt a colorful wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to incorporate as many colors as you want. Bright, contrasting colors will accentuate your youthful appearance. Embracing fun prints and patterns will also give your wardrobe a leg up. 


I advise staying away from tight, form-fitting materials. It’s okay if you wear clothes that hug the body, but they should still offer plenty of movement. Cashmere, jersey, and angora are a few desirable gamine fashion options. 


Accessories are an excellent way to tie your outfits together. You can make the most of them by choosing small, understated jewelry pieces.

For instance, bags should be tiny and round with thin shoulder straps. Hats should also be small and rounded with a conservative trim. When it comes to belts, choose ones that are narrow and delicate. Jewelry should feature plenty of curved shapes; necklaces with circles, ovals, or swirls are a great choice. 

If you want to be bolder with your accessories, play with color! Use plenty of contrasting colors in your gamine style to add animation and a sense of playfulness. 

The Key Takeaway

All of these recommendations serve to complement your body type. The masculine suggestions (short hair, androgynous clothing, etc.) will highlight your natural femininity.

Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions. This flexibility is what’s so great about the Kibbe body type system. The recommendations help you work with what you’ve already got. It does not attempt to change your body; it enables you to embrace it as it is. 

If you are a soft gamine, consider implementing these suggestions into your fashion. It will help you look great and feel confident! 


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