Soft Summer Palette (Soft, Cool)

Soft Summer

Soft Summer is the Deep Winter that just looks wrong with the saturated colors of their palette. Many Soft Summers are identified as Winters, because they have considerably dark coloring for what is the norm in the summer season, but their delicate coloring is unable to deal with the high saturation of Winter. If Light Summer colors were too dark on you and you look awful in bright colors then it’s highly likely that you are a Soft Summer. Soft Summers are a cold season that it’s primarily cool, but also Light. A Soft Summer is characterized by a low level of contrast between their hair, eyes and skin which has clearly cool undertones but not as cool as True Summer. You look great in pastel and grayed out colors and monochrome low contrast combinations that mirror your natural coloring, and have a velvety, light appearance.

General Characteristics Of The Soft Summer Palette

You are likely to be a Soft Summer if you have several of the following characteristics:


Hair in this season can be pretty dark for a summer, even reaching a medium ash brown or a dark ash blonde. It doesn’t have golden highlights.


Your undertones are ashy, and your skin is a natural beige or ivory, or even darker as long as it’s cool and low contrast compared with your hair. You may have freckles and don’t tan easily. Your skin tone is more pale than normal.


Soft Summer eyes are often a gray blue, green or hazel. They are clearer and less muddy than Soft Autumn but by no means bright.

Are You A Soft Summer?

The first thing that should make you suspect your season being Soft Summer is the fact that black and bright colors such as bright coral that look great on other blonde people just do nothing for you, or make you look aged. Your natural coloring is primarily soft, and that means low contrast, rich combinations of dark blonde and beige hair, ivory skin and eyes that are muted blue, grey or a very soft hazel.

Some soft summers have darker, brunette hair and fall within the Shaded Summer category in the 4×4 seasonal color analysis system, or told to wear the lighter side of the Dark Winter palette. You have an inherent softness to your coloring that makes you look romantic and feminine with very little effort. High contrast color combinations overpower you, and warm colors aren’t your best.

If the lighter colors of the Light Summer palette do nothing for you, then you are likely to be a Soft Summer.

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Soft Summer Celebrities

Soft summer has many supermodels and fashion icons, as it’s a very feminine season. For example:

  • Lauren Conrad
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Jenifer Anniston
  • Adriana Lima
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Leona Lewis
  • Kristen Stewart

Soft Summer Color Palette

Soft summer shines in muted, grey and blue based colors, dusky pinks and lavenders and even rose brown or light navy as the perfect neutrals. You look better in white than ivory, but need to keep your clothes and makeup low contrast. Your colors feel gentle and relaxing but you can pull a lot of color, particularly neutrals instead of black. Orange will make you look like you just applied fake tan badly as it’s not on your colour palette.

Some colors from the Soft Summer palette
Some colors from the Soft Summer palette

Soft Summer Makeup

As with their clothing, the most important thing a soft summer must remember when choosing makeup is to keep that softness and avoid overly bright or dark colors, as well as those which are too warm. Soft, velvety textures look great on you, and dusky pinks and silvers look particularly good on you. Avoid browns that may make you look muddy, or bright reds and oranges that will just look out of place on your face. Try a navy blue or charcoal mascara and eye liner instead of black, which can be too harsh. Blend, blend and blend for a natural, feminine and romantic effect.
You can find makeup product suggestions and ideas for Soft Summer on our Soft Summer Makeup Guide.

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