Summer Color Palette – 4 Season Color Analysis

Summer Color Palettes

Color analysis is a careful assessment of your natural coloring to figure out what colour combinations of clothes and makeup will look great for you. You can wear almost any color, but its intensity matters. When you build your wardrobe based on the colour palette of your season, your outfit, accessories, and even makeup will coordinate all by themselves.

The summer colors are cool, with powdered and less intense hues . The people who fit the summer colour palette have pink, rose, and blue skin undertones, and gray, brown, or blonde hair. In the 12 Season Color Analysis system, the palette is categorized into Summer type: Light Summer, Cool Summer, and Soft Summer, which will lead you towards the colors that suit you best.

I’ve carefully arranged these colors to give you a well-coordinated wardrobe overview!

Summer Color Palette Characteristics

The “Color Me Beautiful” theory is based on four color types: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each seasonal palette is based on the undertone of your skin, hair, and eyes with the goal of finding your most flattering colors.

Are you a classic Summer? Check to see how many of the following characteristics match your natural coloring.


Summer skin tone is soft and light, ranging from the lightest porcelain to pale or neutral beige. They also have a translucent quality to their skin tone, with blue, rose, or pink undertone. If your porcelain skin can’t abide by the sun, or you have an ivory skin that freckles but fades fast, you’re likely a Summer.

A Summer with a pink beige skin might tan fast, but she usually gets a pink cast, not brown. Some Summers may be very fair, while others look pale and sallow. Most of the time, they have pink cheeks and if they’ve got some freckles, they are rosy or even charcoal gray.


Most Summers have light hair; blonde, brown, and grey. The blond hair can go from ash blond to dark ash shade, but it doesn’t have a gold tone. If you get lots of sun, you can even have some auburn highlights in your hair.

On the other hand, the brown hair can be light, medium, dark, or even a mousy brown with a greyish cast. Most Summers have dusty and muted hair color, but do you know they also grey gracefully to a pearly white or blue-grey tone?


Do you know there are no brown-eyed Summers, but only tint of blues and greens? There might be soft hazel or soft gray eyes, but its iris has a cloudy look. Also, its hazel shade is muddy and cool, leaning towards blue, green, or gray.

Summers have an ethereal and delicate coloring that will suit best with cool, light, and soft shades. Unfortunately, black and other dark colors, as well as electric colors and rich warm hues are overpowering for you. You might also want to skip earthy warm tones with yellow undertones.

Summer Color Palette

Tailoring your wardrobe to your own individual color palette allows you to explore your personal style while honing your creativity. In the Color Me Beautiful book by Carole Jackson, the Winter and Summer color palettes are composed of cool colors, but the latter is powdery and muted. While Winter colours are clear, true, and vivid, Summer colors are always less intense.

Do you know that your season’s colors are easier to find during summer months? Most designers are introducing light colors during summer, and most fashion stores have them in their collection. While trends come and go, your natural coloring from your hair to eyes and complexion will remain the same. That also means the wardrobe pieces you’ll shop will look beautiful regardless of trends and seasons.

A great thing, this cool summer palette is composed of neutral, dressy, or even accent shades that will work for you. If you have a minimalist style and want to build your wardrobe around neutrals, think of cool summer colors like soft white, rose-beige, cocoa, rose-brown, light blue gray, grayed navy and silver. Do you know silver and platinum jewelry will look best on you?

Wearing these neutral shades in your work outfits will also help to make good impression. If you’re building a capsule wardrobe for work, stick to your neutral colors and basic pieces. Some of the pieces that will serve as the backbone of your wardrobe are pencil skirts, button-down shirts, blazers, slacks, shift dresses and classic coats.

If you like the glamorous appeal of jewel tones, just go for a lighter color. For instance, you may think of a deep blue green or a medium blue green dress that evokes the same elegance of emerald, rather than a pine green shade that’s a bit overpowering for you. In color analysis, the Winter palette has pine green, while a cool summer palette has deep and medium green, which is a muted shade of pine green.

If you love those spring colours type of a person, go for the similar shades in your summer palette. Some cool summer colours like watermelon, periwinkle blue, along with pastel blue green and deep blue green channel the punchy vibe of the spring season. Remember, a true summer won’t look flattering in other season’s shades.

If you want to add a cool accent color to your outfit, find pieces in Summer colors like sky blue, pastel aqua, light lemon yellow, peach, pink and powder pink. Neon and electric warm hues might not be for you, but you may go for medium blue, watermelon, raspberry, or deep rose. However, you must skip orange, black, and other dark colours.

When in doubt, you can always put the cool colours near your face and determine whether it clarifies your complexion or make it look muddy. Remember, the right cool colors will always bring a healthy glow to your face, while the wrong color will make your complexion look sallow and pale. More than that, the wrong color can even make you look older, or overpower your face, pushing it into the background.

Summer Colors for Hair

When it comes to hair coloring, nature does it right. However, if you want to alter your natural hair color whether it is for covering up grays or giving your hair a boost, it’s still best to stick with your cool summer palette. If you’ll go for a palette that is not yours, it will only clash with everything from your natural coloring to your wardrobe.

If you’re a cool summer, you have a grayish cast in your hair that will look beautiful with ash tones. If you’re a light Summer, you may go for neutral ash highlights, but avoid platinum that will make you look old. If you’re a soft Summer with mousy brown hair color, think of medium ash that will look best on you. If you’re a true summer, frosting can be a beautiful way to add some life and blondness to your hair.

Summer Makeup

The right color of makeup clarifies complexions, minimizes lines, and makes dark circles less obvious. On the contrary, wrong makeup colors can age your natural appearance, accentuate lines, and make your complexion look muddy. The right colors on your face are as important as the right colors on your outfit, so always find the right hues when choosing makeup shades to protect your delicate appearance.

If you’ll only master your color palette, it would be just easy to know which makeup shades will look great on you. The best thing about the color analysis is it presents the colors that look flattering on you, whether you’re a light summer, cool summer, or soft summer, and not the ones that are trendy at the moment. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shade of blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow, your season palette got you covered.

If you’re a true Summer and looking for the perfect foundation shade, find ones with a cool rose beige shade. Most of the time, it is labeled as “sand” or “rose,” but sometimes, fancy-sounding shades call for your judgment. A woman belongs in this cool palette has pink or blue undertones, which needs a foundation that looks cool and pink, not warm.

However, if you’re a Summer with a high coloring, find a “light beige” base derived from rose, but it shouldn’t have any obvious pink in it. When looking for the perfect blush or rouge color, stick to the rose family. When it comes to lipstick colors, the same rule applies, but you may also consider your personality and age when choosing more intense shades.

The best cool lipstick colors for Summers are:

When it comes to eyeshadow, it’s still best to stick on your season palette. Do you know that eyeshadows are meant to enhance the shape and colors of your eyes? Also, the way you apply your eyeshadow will depend on whether you’ve got deep-set eyes or sunken eyes. As a rule of thumb, dark colors recede, and light colors bring out an area. As a Summer with delicate coloring, you should go for cool shades, and not opt for a bold, dramatic makeup for your eyes.

The best cool eyeshadows for Summers are:

Regardless of the seasons and trends, the guidelines on Marilyn Monroe color analysis will remain timeless. Whether you’re a Light Summer, Cool Summer, or Soft Summer, consider your colours when going shopping, and only find items within your palette.

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