Theatrical Romantic Overview (Kibbe Body Type)

If your answers to the Kibbe body test were mostly Ds (Romantic) alongside a few Es (Romantic) and As (Dramatic), then you would be categorized as having a theatrical romantic body type.

The Kibbe theatrical romantic body type can be characterized as having strong Yin (feminine) features such as softness and delicacy, while also having a slight masculine (Yang) definition to them.

What does the Theatrical Romantic Body Type Look Like?

Although all theatrical romantic body types are usually soft with a touch of drama, that doesn’t mean that all theatrical romantics have the same details.

Whilst some theatrical romantics might have more curvy figures and voluptuous hourglass figure waists, others might have more of a straight waist. However, the theatrical romantic bone structure is similar for all people with this Kibbe body type

Bone Structure

People with the theatrical romantic skeleton (bone structure) are usually 5’5 or under, meaning that they can be classified as ‘petite’. Adding to this petiteness is a general smallness and delicateness to their bone structure, although some features such as their cheekbones, nose, shoulders, and jawline may have slight sharpness in appearance.

According to Doctor Designs, a Soft Dramatic with angular bone structure and soft features play largely in styling. Meanwhile, Theatrical Romantic are those with a delicate bone structure with slight sharp features. People with this type will become smaller in style.

The Concept Wardrobe enumerates that this type’s bone structure is angular with sharp or blunt edges, and usually has square shoulders (which may be narrow).

Body Flesh and Facial Features

Meanwhile, the body flesh of a theatrical romantic body style – which includes body parts like bust, waist, hips, and thighs – is a lot more variable. The body flesh for most theatrical romantics is generally soft and fleshy, especially in the hands, arms, and legs area. However, the voluptuous softness of their body is usually smallish and intricate trim overall in accordance with the petite bone structure of theatrical romantics.

The facial features (facial flesh and bones) of theatrical romantics usually include soft cheeks, full lips, large/slightly upturned eyes, and facial bones that are small, delicate, and slightly sharp styles.

Yin and Yang: a Recipe for Perfection

So, if your skeleton (shoulders, limbs, vertical lines), facial features and body flesh (bust, waist, hips) are mostly balance of Yin with slight styles of Yang, you can safely assume that you have the theatrical romantic Kibbe body types.

Theatrical Romantic vs Soft Gamine

Another popular Kibbe body type is soft gamine. Like the theatrical romantic, this body type is determined by a significant amount styles of D/E (Romantic) answers. However, the soft gamine body type is usually the result of significantly more (A/B) (Dramatic) answers than that of the theatrical romantic.

Differences Between Theatrical Romantic and Soft Gamine

So, whilst both of these body types involve a combination of Yin and Yang, the combination is closer to 50/50 for the soft gamine body type, whilst for theatrical romantics, the combination is more like 80/20 for Yin and Yang respectively. This means that while the presence of masculine and feminine qualities has more combination for the soft gamine type, the theatrical romantic is usually defined as being mostly feminine with some masculine ornate trim. Herein lies the emphasis of the main difference between these two body types.

Similarities Between Theatrical Romantic and Soft Gamine

However, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some similarities between the two body image identity details. People with the soft gamine body type are usually also petite, measuring up at 5’5 or smaller. Their frame is also often similarly fleshy to the theatrical romantic frame, although it tends towards being more angular and defined with more waist definition due to the presence of Yang.

Bone Structure

As for the bone structure, their face will usually appear similar to the theatrical romantic face with its predominately fleshy appearance and slight definition in areas like the nose and cheekbone. Where the soft gamine type differs, however, is with the fact that their faces usually contain stronger and more defined jawlines in comparison to the theatrical romantic.

Soft gamines generally also have a slightly wider and broader bone structure due to the higher levels of sharp Yang in comparison to the theatrical romantics, whose bone structure is comparatively narrower and more ‘birdlike’.

Theatrical Romantic Celebrities

Whilst it is a popular pastime to try to determine a celebrity’s Kibbe body type, the nuances between them make it difficult for one to know for sure. However, there are some celebrities that have been ‘Kibbe-verified’, meaning that we can know for sure that they are natural body type of theatrical romantic.

So, in order to get an idea of how theatrical romantic bodies look visually, here are some of the most famous faces that so happen to have theatrical romantic body types:

  • Joan Collins
  • Mila Kunis
  • Salma Hayek
  • Donna Mills
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Jane Seymour
  • Rihanna

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but it is interesting to look at these celebrities and consider not only how the similarities in their theatrical romantic body types manifest, but also how they differ.

Styling Theatrical Romantic Hair

For theatrical romantics, hair that has volume is really important. Voluminous hair can help to complement your softer features and frame some of the undercurrent ones, whilst flatter/thinner hair might look unflattering because it doesn’t frame the face and balance out the sharp details.

For this same reason, medium-length hair is better for people with the theatrical romantic body type than super long hair. Theatrical romantics should aim for hairstyles that help their hair look fuller, softer, and more rounded. Subsequently, more ornate and stylized hairdos are the best way to go.

Soft waves, curls, and braids are all great choices for adding a touch of romance to their hair. It’s also important to avoid straight and edgy hairstyles, as they can clash with the softness of their features.

As for hair color, more vibrant colors are better for theatrical romantics because they can help present an effective contrast to your facial features and help to frame your face better.

Theatrical Romantic Makeup

Meanwhile, when it comes to makeup, Kibbe recommends some of the following do’s and don’ts.


  • Wear glossy and bright lipsticks/lip-glosses
  • Make your eyes pop with glittery/bright eyeliner
  • Wear your eyeliner smudged and your mascara heavy
  • Highlight your orbital bone whilst adding a darker shadow to your outer lids
  • Go for a blush that is sparkly and more rounded as opposed to emphasizing cheekbones


  • Go for neutral and smoky eye colors
  • Over-contour your face details

Clothing Style Tips for Theatrical Romantics

Highlight Curvy Features and Natural Lines

Theatrical romantics are individuals who love drama and flair in their fashion choices. Regarding clothing style tips, the key is to embrace their personal style and accentuate their features. This means choosing clothing that highlights their curvy features and natural lines and incorporating bold patterns and fabrics with weight to create a statement.

Avoid Straight Lines and Sharp Edges

In clothing choices, theatrical romantics should avoid straight lines and sharp edges, which can create a harsh contrast with their soft bone structures. Instead, they should opt for clothing that has natural lines and curves to highlight their feminine features. This can include dresses and tops with ruffles, pleats, and draping.

Choose Fabrics with Weight and Structure

Fabric weight is another important consideration for theatrical romantics. They should choose fabrics with weight and structure, such as silk, velvet, and wool, as these can create a dramatic effect and add depth to their overall look. Lightweight fabrics can sometimes appear too casual and may not provide the desired level of drama.

Incorporate Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are also a great way for theatrical romantics to make a statement with their clothing choices. They should look for large and eye-catching patterns, such as florals, paisleys, and abstract prints. These patterns can be incorporated into their clothing choices and accessories, such as scarves and handbags.

Theatrical romantics should embrace their personal style and choose clothing that accentuates their features and adds a touch of drama to their overall look. With these clothing style tips, they can create a fashion statement that is uniquely their own.


When it comes to the theatrical romantic Kibbe body type, you really have it all. You have the benefits of feminine softness whilst also having a degree of handsome definition in your bone structure and body proportions that can help you strike the perfect combination between pretty and elegant.

Knowing your personal style is the key to dressing with confidence! If you now identify as a Theater Romantic, with this guide, you can embrace this fashion statement and make it all your own. 

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