Warm Spring Palette (True Spring, Warm Clear)

Warm Spring

Warm Spring (also known as True Spring in the sci/Art system) has a predominantly warm and clear coloring. Warm Spring people a medium level of contrast, with golden or light red hair and green, blue or even hazel eyes. As with all Springs, the skin is has a delicate glow to it and golden undertones. Some Springs have golden brown hair instead of blonde, but the overall effect is still of a warm and light coloring. If your coloring is darker or more muted, you may be a Warm Autumn instead. Warm Spring can take a lot of color for a light season, and they look better in contrasting colors than Autumns.

General Characteristics Of The Warm Spring Palette

You are likely to be a Warm Spring if you have several of the following characteristics:


The hair comes in a variety of warm and golden tones, from deep golden blonde to strawberry blonde and coppery red. Many True Springs were blonde as children and despite having grown up into brunettes can still pull blonde very convincingly. Hair tends to grow longer on the head than other seasons, and some Springs will have wavy hair while others have straight hair.


Your skin tone is generally a pale yellow-golden, often with a slight blush. This is due to the fact that most springs have a fair complexion, which makes them appear paler than their autumn counterparts. Your skin can be porcelain, ivory, or even golden beige and bronze, but it has a definite warm undertone. If your skin is predominantly cool, you may be a Clear Spring instead. Many Warm Springs have freckles.


Warm Spring eyes are light, from a warm blue or olive green to bright topaz or light hazel.

They tend to be lighter than those of Autumns, who are usually dark brown. Warm Springs also have a tendency toward large irises, though this is not always true.

Facial Features

Warm Spring features include high cheekbones, full lips, and a wide nose bridge. Their faces are typically rounder than Autumns’, and they have a slightly fuller face shape.

Are you a Warm Spring?

Warm Spring’s dominant characteristic is warm, but unlike Warm Autumn a True Spring will be light and clear. Warm Spring colors are crayola colors, pure and warm and pretty high in saturation. They may look childish on a palette, but alongside the natural skin, hair and eyes of True Spring they look natural.

Warm Spring Celebrities

Many redhead celebrities fall within this season.

  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Marcia Cross
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Amy Adams
  • Scarlett Johanson

Warm Spring Color Palette

As a Warm Spring, you can wear quite a lot of color and your best colors are clear and warm. In particular, you’ll look stunning in shades of coral and salmon, apricot, peach and gold. Black doesn’t look too good on you, as it can make you look shallow, but a warm chocolate brown can be a good alternative. Light Moss and Mint are two great greens, as well as a very light Navy or Periwinkle. You’ll look great in colors that would look clownish in other seasons, such as Lime green or bright yellows. On you, they just look natural and make your skin come alive.

Some colors from the Warm Spring palette
Some colors from the Warm Spring palette

Warm Spring Makeup

Warm Spring makeup should be playful and dewy, but always based around warm colors. Use eye shadows in warm brown, camel, copper, bronze, moss or purple depending on your natural eye color. Golden yellow, cream, apricot and gold are great highlighters, and as eye pencil you can use brown, copper or even warm green and teal instead of black which would look too harsh. The best lipstick colors for you are warm and light, such as soft cinnamon, mango, apricot, poppy red or a warm and light pink.

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