Clear Spring Palette Clothes

Clear Spring Palette Clothes

Dark, neutral palettes look kind of depressing, and thus, sticking to wearing a limited group of shades is not always the best choice. Most notably, when springtime comes along, opting for a more vivid color palette is more than fitting.

Clear Spring palette clothes are known for their vibrancy. Bright, transparent hues go well with the warmer weather after the gloomy winter months. Clear, radiant lights ooze optimism and freshness, in tune with the young sprouts that spring brings.

Our recommendations for Clear Spring color palette can help you remain trendy during the warmer days. So, get ready to revamp your wardrobe with a Clear Spring palette of clothes.

Wondering Whether a Bright Spring Palette Suits You?

If your eyes and hair are light in color, but their contrast level is high, they’ll pair well with a Bright Spring color palette. The same goes for the Clear Spring group of shades, which will highlight your skin tone. At the same time, they’ll divert focus to the color of your iris.

Many celebrities opt for Bright or Clear Spring palettes since it’s a very crisp color combo for impactful eyes. Also, you can choose between True Spring and Light Spring if your hair and eye color are a touch darker.

Characteristics of the Clear Spring Color Palette

The Clear Spring color palette does not portray a typical spring color vibe. Instead, it transitions between the Bright Winter and True Spring palettes. Hence, some trends even connect it with late winter clothing.

Still, the Clear Spring color palette comprises warm and pleasant shades. As such, you’ll have little trouble finding the proper footwear to go with it. Moreover, you can easily pair it with any of the True Spring and Bright Winter shades.

How to Find Out Whether Your Skin Is Warm or Cool-Toned

Your natural skin tone is the basis for deciding which colors to wear or avoid. Even if springtime calls for a light palette, it still might look strange on you.

The best and quickest way to know if your skin type is cold or warm is by experimenting with gold and silver. For example, try standing in front of the mirror and comparing silver and gold jewelry.

If you notice that silver earrings look perfect on your slightly pinkish skin undertone, you probably have cool undertones. On the flip side, if your skin is more olive-shaded and goes best with golden jewelry, you have warmer undertones.

By using this method, you can quickly find an answer and learn which shades work best for your appearance. On this note, remember that ordering things online might prove deceiving once you unpack the clothes.

Bright Spring Color Palette Features

Clear Spring Color Palette

People often mistake the yellow (or blonde) shades of the Clear Spring color palette for those of the True Spring or Light Spring groups. That’s why sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish them. Nevertheless, Clear Spring has some unique features as well.

Eye Color

The Clear Spring palette goes best with bright, clear eyes attracting attention. For example, Clear Springs generally have green, blue, light brown, light hazel, or even dark brown eyes. Generally, those colors highly contrast with the person’s skin tone and the whites of their eyes.

Skin Tone

If your skin tone is neutral or neutral warm, you’re a great fit for the Clear Spring color palette. So, opt for such clothes if your skin is peachy, porcelain, or reminiscent of ivory. Clear Springs’ skin is pretty fair and pinkish compared to Clear Winters. Terms like “peaches and cream” or “cocoa butter” also describe these skin tones.

Hair Color

All Clear Springs’ hair is warm-colored. These include warm brown, warm blonde, warm ash brown/blonde, auburn, copper, red, or dark blonde. Also, you may add various hair highlights for more contrast in your looks.

Clear Spring Color Palette Outfits

You should only mix and match colors from one color palette that goes well with your skin tone. Therefore, you must ensure you’ve identified the most optimal group for your natural skin tone and eye color.

If you have muted/delicate looks, wearing harsh and cold colors will dull your best attributes. On the contrary, sharp and vivid colors from the warm shades are your best bet! Still, you can opt for darker colors for the lower body. At the same time, apply the correct shades to your face with makeup and use Clear Spring colors for the decolletage zone.

Although there’s nothing wrong with using light blue, warm dusty pink, or creamy blends for your upper and lower body, they are not that unique. So, it’s best to combine these light hues in good taste, regarding your skin color. Of course, you can use jewelry for an even better effect.

On a related note, forget about wearing those light pink pants. More often than not, they will make you appear bigger than you are.

Clear Spring Color Palette — What You Should Avoid

Since the Clear Spring palette is naturally vivid, vibrant, and warm, you better avoid cold colors and pastel hues. For instance, blues, grays, dusty pinks, and yellows will tone down your overall appearance. Thus, set these items aside and opt for warmer-toned items.

Suitable Patterns and Prints for the Clear Spring Color Palette

Wearing color patterns in your upper body garments, like sweaters, blouses, summer dresses, etc., is a tasteful choice. However, the rest of your body should not follow suit. So, you should wear blatant colors instead of pants with patterns.

As a Clear Spring type, you can wear prints. Yet, the color of your clothes should not divert far from the Clear Spring color palette. When inspecting a patterned garment, focus on the main color of the fabric.

The Clear Spring color palette should provide a medium contrast to your eye and hair color. In that way, your clothing will fashionably highlight your natural beauty.


Here at Infinite Closet, we understand the differences between the spring color palettes. Also, we know how to combine them for a better effect.

To help you define your style, we created a handy cheat sheet that you can use no matter what kind of palette works best for you. So, next time someone compliments your outfit, reply with a simple “thank you,” knowing that it’s exactly what you wanted them to say!

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