Dark Winter Palette Clothes

Dark Winter Palette Clothes

All winter palettes represent dark and cool shades, but Dark Winter is the darkest one from the winter palette. The Dark Winter palette is like a gush of a storm in the deep forests or a clue of chilly winter nights. The palette falls between Dark Autumn and True Winter on the seasonal palette. However, Dark Winter is cool compared to Dark Autumn, despite taking influences from autumn and winter.

In simple words, Dark Autumn has more influences from autumn, while Dark Winter has more effects on the winter palette. If you belong to the Dark Winter palette, you must be curious about knowing Dark Winter palette clothes. These clothes will harmonize with you better and improve various aspects of your personality.

What Are Dark Winter Palette Clothes?

Dark winter palette clothes are those that have deep and cool colors. The cool colors create a relaxing and calming effect and are deep and dramatic. So, if you have cool undertones, these clothes will flatter you more.

The two main characteristics of these clothes are superb and deep coloring, and the overall effects are vivid and rich. Since the Dark Winter palette has some influence from the warm palette, you can also wear a few colors from the Deep Autumn palette. However, the colors that will suit you more will be those that have a cooler hue.

Besides that, if you are still unsure whether your seasonal color palette is Dark Winter or not, we’ll help you find out. Speaking of the Dark Winter features, the hair color belonging to this palette is dark. Moreover, the skin tone is cool while not as cool as other winter palettes. Besides that, another essential characteristic of this palette is its high contrast between facial features and hair. So, perhaps your skin is too light compared to your hair and eyes. On the other hand, your eyes and teeth may be lighter than your skin and hair.

A few examples of Dark Winter celebrities include Mila Kunis, Sandra Bullock, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Anne Hathaway. Now that you’ve got a clue of whether you’re a Dark Winter or not, you can do a color analysis for the clothes that suit you the best.

Dark Winter Color Palette Outfits

Since the Dark Winter color palette consists of cool and deep colors, you will look good in dark clothes with bright prints. The outfit colors best suit you include black, dark charcoal, pure white, blue, true red, green, brown, black, burgundy, and icy pink. Besides that, you must avoid warm colors, including brown, peach, orange, and light beige. Plus, pastel colors won’t look too good in dark winter as they’ll make you look sick.

When deciding on a wardrobe for Dark Winter, always start with neutrals and then move across the major color families. If you’re a Dark Winter, you might easily fall for the Dark Autumn palette of clothes. Remember, the significant difference between them is that winter is cool while autumn is warm. A personal color analysis will help you choose the best clothing to complement your overall appearance as a Dark Winter.

How to Choose the Best Winter Color Palette Outfits

Dark Winter palette outfits should match the natural contrast of your face and hair. The colors should be cool, intense, and dark and should contain highly contrasting, clear, and highly saturated shades. Though the colors are affected by Dark Autumn, the shades of this palette are closer to cool and icy tones from the winter palette.

Black and white colors should be your favorite ones, but you can also try the chic range of neutrals. These shades include slate-gray, Prussian blue, concrete gray, and dark blue. The purple color looks fantastic on Dark Winters since this is the season of forest fruits. You can try the following color combinations for Dark Winter palette clothes:

  • Contrasting Color Schemes: Contrasting color schemes such as chili and royal blue are perfect for this palette.
  • Accent Colors Plus Dark Neutral: For this combination, you can try black currant, dark navy, and red blue.
  • Accent Colors Plus Light Neutral: The accent colors plus light neutral shades include slate plus merlot.
  • Light and Dark Shades: If you want to try dark and light shades, go for a combination of white, steel gray, and jet black.

Your Dark Winter wardrobe can have analogous color combinations — for instance, Carolina blue plus spruce or plum plus grape royal.

Office Wardrobe

Choose some classic colors if you want a perfect office wardrobe according to your Dark Winter palette. These colors go well with the universal base colors such as red, burgundy, navy blue, and gray. You can also add colorful accessories and a printed blazer to your wardrobe to maintain a professional yet stylish look.

Party Wardrobe

Contrast color combinations will look perfect for your party outfits. For instance, you can try black and silver or black and white along with neutral, nude, or contrasting accessories. You can also try black with other contrasting colors such as red, pink, blue, and purple. If your dress is made of luxurious material, you’ll have a fabulous party look with contrasting colors.

Casual Wardrobe

As far as the casual wardrobe is concerned, you can choose any style based on your personal choice. Indeed, you won’t regret choosing black or white for your casual wardrobe. However, you can also try clothes from other seasonal palettes just to see how they look on you. Remember, dressing within your color palette is completely optional. If you prefer colors that would typically clash with a Dark Winter, go for it. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable.


A dream wardrobe for Dark Winters may be full of colors like dark navy and boysenberry as the base colors, white smoke and carob brown as neutral shades, and plum and rose quartz as accent colors. Besides that, you can also try different color combinations, as discussed in this article.

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