What To Wear If You’re An Inverted Triangle Shape

We all have different body shapes, which means some things suit us, and some things don’t. You may have spent your life trying to look like your favorite celebrity or spent lots of money buying the same clothes as your best friends and still think, “Why don’t I look like even if I bought the same outfit?” That’s because despite wearing the same clothes, we are still born a different person. We are not born to be the same or to be clones of each other person. The features you have, your best friend might not have, and vise versa. What we must always remember to do is love what we have and embrace our bodies, and that includes those with inverted triangle shapes.

How common is the inverted triangle body shape?

Some would say that this body shape is rare in the body shape category, so this means that you are special!

You might have known this about yourself for a long time, and you’re looking for some style advice about how to make clothes look good on you. Maybe someone just told you that you have this triangle body type, or perhaps you’re curious if you have the inverted triangle body shape.

No matter the reason, you’re probably wondering, “Is inverted triangle body shape attractive?” We’re here to shed any doubt and let you know that the answer is yes! But you have to dress with amazing style to  correctly to help balance your upper body and lower body together.

Below, we’ll share how you can boost your style as an inverted triangle body type and make your favorite clothes work for you. Read on to discover style tips and the dress dos and don’ts for your beautiful triangular shape body:

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Your Shape

When looking for inverted triangle body shape clothes, you must first understand this body type.

If your figure is an inverted triangle, you will notice that you have a broader shoulders when you look in the mirror. Your hips and waist are smaller in width, you have a larger bust, and your legs are slim and athletic looking.

This is why when looking for inverted triangle outfits, you want to enhance your hips and waist more to give yourself an even figure that proportions your hips and wide shoulders. You will want to define your waistline further too to give the illusion of an hourglass figure with volume.

Also, if you have a full chest, you’ll probably want to wear flattering outfits that show off your breast and cleavage in the best light, too.

What should an inverted triangle body shape wear?

So, now that you know more about the shape, here are some inverted triangle clothes that will really enhance your figure and get some attention!

1. V Neck Tops

The V Neck is a very popular neckline for the inverted triangle figure. Not only will it enhance and draw attention to your chest area, but it will also balance out your upper body and give off a more feminine, softer looking torso.

What works even better is a tight V Neck shirt, top or dress. The tightness will pinch the waist and create a more balanced, appealing figure.

2. Wrap Dresses

Not only do wrap dresses (again) accentuate your bust, but they also provide space and movement for your hips and waistlines. They are great dresses for inverted triangle figures, as you can wrap the dresses and tie them to pinch at the waist definition, providing a pattern more recognizable as an hourglass.

In sum, dress in these dresses!

3. Flared Jeans

What better way to even out your silhouette than some fabulous flared pants?

These are easily the best jeans for inverted triangle body shape. Not only will they balance out your shoulders, but they also provide a tight fit around the bum and thighs, accentuating those muscular athletic legs that you’ve been gifted with. Not to mention, these jean styles add curves!

If you were ever planning on going to a 70s Disco night too, then you can be sure that you’ll be the best dressed in a pair of fabulously flamboyant flares!

4. Wear Darker Colors On Your Top Half

When searching for clothes for inverted triangle figures, you will want to give the illusion that the lower half of your body is a little wider than it is.

One way to balance your broad shoulders with your bottom half is by wearing tops with darker colors on top and pants or skirts with lighter colors.

This dark color style will make your waist and hips look wider than they actually are, therefore giving your body shape tendencies a more rounded, feminine edge.

1. Skinny Jeans

As much as the world loves skinny jeans, if you have an inverted triangle figure, this type of jean fit is not the most flattering. When you are trying to find clothes for inverted triangle body shape figures, your main goal is to find outfits that create the optical illusion of a more proportioned body.

Skinny jeans do the opposite, as they draw the legs and hips in rather than widening them to create the hourglass figure.

2. Shoulder Pads Or Shoulder Details

Because your shoulders are the widest part of your figure, we advise you to avoid this style! These draw attention to your shoulder area. this will only unbalance your figure and make you look extra top-heavy. Remember: the main goal is to not widen the shoulders anymore.

3. Horizontal Stripes

Everyone knows that the horizontal stripe only makes you look wider than you actually are.

When searching for clothes and dresses for triangle body type, be sure to avoid this particular stripe, especially on the top half of your body.

This will only widen and unbalance your figure. Instead, if you’re a fan of the stripe, opt for a vertical one to give the illusion of a long, slender figure.

4. Pencil Skirts

Just like with skinny jeans, the pencil skirt is a general no-no if you have an inverted triangle shape figure.

Instead of creating the symmetrical, hourglass illusion, the pencil skirt will take your figure in the opposite direction. You’ll end up looking top-heavy and unbalanced, which is not the appearance any person wants. Pleated or flared skirts suit this type of body better, so it’s best to opt for those styles.

Bottom Line

No matter what your body shape is, remember that it makes you unique; you just know how to use it to your advantage. If you have an inverted triangle body shape, know that there is an abundance of dresses and wide leg pants for your body shape!

You’ve been graced with a fabulous chest and wonderful athletic legs, so why not use these tips and tricks to enhance your best attention and dress yourself as the best version of you?

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