Soft Autumn Color Palette Clothing

Soft Autumn Color Palette Clothing

Nothing sucks more than putting effort into a gorgeous outfit, only to find that it looks off on you. The outfit doesn’t need to look hideous, but the result just doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor you wanted. Thus, you’re left wondering what went wrong at the end of the day.

We are here to tell you that the seasonal palette may have something to do with it. A bright orange or neon yellow outfit won’t do anything for you if you are a Soft Autumn. Instead, you need colors that will enhance your rich coloring. We’ll tell you about those, but let’s examine what features make you a Soft Autumn.

Soft Autumn Characteristics

Soft Autumn Color Palette

As a Soft Autumn, you have a warm complexion with muted features. That means your coloring blends well together, and there isn’t a big difference between your hair, eye, and skin color.

Soft Autumn folks tend to have hazel, green, or brown eyes. You’ll likely have soft shades of these colors with hints of gray. Skin tones range from fair to tan and can have warm or neutral undertones.

Your hair color ranges from strawberry blonde to a medium golden brown. Furthermore, it shows golden highlights when you’re in the sun. Of course, all these are all just general characteristics. You can be a Soft Autumn based on your overall appearance if even one of your features doesn’t fit the description.

Soft Autumn Palette

Just like you, the Soft Autumn palette features warm, muted colors. All the colors are natural and muted, with low overall contrast. Predominantly, all these colors have a neutral to warm vibe.

You won’t find true white or black in this palette because they’re more cool-toned. Surprisingly enough, you also won’t find any oranges even though they’re warm. The reason is that they’re True Autumn colors and lack any of the softness of the Soft Autumn palette.

Instead, this palette features colors like soft pinks, peaches, olive greens, beige, and muted reds. If you’re looking for darker colors in this palette, you can look at dark browns, deep purple, and darker green shades.

You’re unlikely to find any blues unless they’re turquoise. Thus, all the colors here have some hints of yellow. You’ll also find that there aren’t many bright colors on the palette. That’s because the palette has a low chroma value.

Soft Autumn Color Palette Outfits+

Soft Autumn Color Palette Outfits

Now that you know what colors come with a Soft Autumn palette, it’s time to see how you can assemble the perfect outfit. The key is to stick to softer colors and avoid high contrast.

Color Combos

You should be able to combine any of the colors on this palette. However, you have to use your own discretion as well. Maybe you’re good enough to pull off coral with olive green, but you should think hard before taking such a risk. We recommend sticking to colors that blend well together, limiting the contrast in the final ensemble.

We recommend sticking to monochromatic outfits if you’re not that good at figuring out color combinations. These outfits won’t have any contrast. Furthermore, they’ll let your Soft Autumn visuals shine without being overpowering. You can even pick a single color and combine slightly different hues.

If you must use different colors, combine colors closer to each other on the color wheel with a similar hue. For example, pairing beige with brown could work well for you. Pairing lighter colors with a single accented color is also a good idea. Use muted colors as a base and accent them with a color like cardinal red.

Corporate Workplace Setting

When you think corporate, you picture a black and white suit. However, that’s not an option for you as these cool-toned colors are too overpowering for you. Black can make you look aged, while white is too harsh. Instead, you can use dark and light colors on your palette for a similar look.

That means you can go for grays, browns, and greens for the dark colors while choosing beige and off-whites for the light options. Monochromatic looks with neutral colors are also a good idea. These colors highlight your delicate looks without making you look washed out.

Colors To Avoid

White and black take center stage when it comes to avoiding certain colors. However, these aren’t the only colors that clash with your looks. Cool colors like blues and purples are also included. Moreover, your safe colors, such as gray, can make you look bad when paired with cooler colors like blue.

Other colors to avoid include bright neon colors. The Soft Autumn palette emphasizes muted soft colors. As such, loud colors like bright yellow and shocking pinks are not your cup of tea. The same goes for oranges. Even though orange is a warm color, it is too bright. Thus, it will clash with your look and make you look ridiculous.


Patterns are especially tricky since you have to color coordinate while checking if the overall outfit is flattering. You should always opt for low-contrast colors with an earthy pattern like flowers or leaves. You could also go for more traditional patterns like polka dots, but you have to ensure that everything is small-scale. If the pattern is too loud or absurd, it’ll overpower your natural features.


You have a neutral to neutral-warm undertone, so both silver and gold will look fine on you. However, gold will be far more flattering since it is more warm-toned. For other jewelry, you can opt for less shiny metals like bronze, rose gold, and pewter. Stones like rose quartz, cream pearls, and turquoise are your best friends.


That’s it for our wardrobe advice. To sum it all up, you should opt for warm-toned colors that complement your soft coloring. Avoid dark colors, as they can overwhelm you. If you must choose dark colors, choose warm grays, browns, and greens.

With your coloring, monochromatic looks are very flattering. If it’s a more formal environment, you can opt for neutrals. When it comes to jewelry, muted metals like gold will suit you the best.

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