Autumn Skin Tone

Autumn Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered why the lipstick that looks great on celebrities does not look good on you? That’s because the companies pick the celebrity with the perfect skin tone for that lipstick. Similarly, many things will work with your skin complexity better than others.

Today we will examine which skin tones are perfect for autumn. It is the season of warm undertones, but there’s a lot of contrast here as well. Thus, having an autumn skin tone points to more aspects than one. In this article, you’ll also learn about its subsets and what colors come under which subset.

Autumn Skin Tone

If you have an autumn skin tone, you will have a warm skin complex with hair color darker than medium brown. Also, the color of your irises oozes warmth as well, often looking olive green, amber, golden brown, and hazel. Moreover, it can be chocolate brown and grayish in certain cases.

Hence, gold jewelry combines well with the autumn skin tone. On the other hand, silver jewelry makes those with an autumn skin tone look washed out.

Furthermore, this group of people usually have a fair, tan, or dark skin tone that suits various hair colors. For example, dark red and brown colors like golden blonde, auburn, and golden brown.

Undertones are something to consider for autumn people who are looking for a setup to enhance their natural tone. Autumn skin tones have depth in their color with warm and golden undertones. So, adding pinkish and bluish tints is an option, though only in moderation. Similarly, peachy colors are also considered warm tones.

Subsets of the Autumn Skin Tone

There are three subsets of the autumn skin tone that are warm, soft, and deep. Each subset has its own features and range of tones.

Herefore, your complexion is the basis for making the correct choice. However, it is important to understand each subset to know which one is for you. Here are the three subsets of the autumn color palette:

Warm Autumn

Warm Autumn has clear and warm undertones. Generally, this group goes well with reddish hair colors. When it comes to skin tones, opt for warm colors if your skin is not too pale and has a golden glow.

Eye colors like amber, golden, and chocolate brown will perfectly complement the Warm Autumn skin tone. Similarly, choosing warm tones for makeup and outfit is key. So, look for soft browns, greenish blues, and ivory that will make your skin look amazing. Above all, it will tastefully accent your natural complexion.

Autumn skin tones have many color options, but some hues are a hard no. For example, pastel blues and Fuschia look bad on an autumn skin tone. In addition, you should also avoid all black and white colors because they lead to an uneventful setup.

In short, stick to adding warmth to your clothing and aim for coziness. Try out bronze, golden beige, and ivory which all work well with a Warm Autumn undertone. On top of that, if you have freckles, these colors complement you very well.

Soft Autumn

Soft Autumn

Skin tones that come under Soft Autumn have an overall warm look, similar to the Warm Autumn category. Soft Autumn tones are beige, ivory, latte, and olive. Hence, such colors won’t hide the features of your eyes. If you’re unsure which group you belong to, check your eye color. If you have neutral grayish hazel eyes, you belong in this subset.

You can wear outfits that have gentle tones of blues, purples, and grays. Similarly, your makeup should also be gentle, more towards the muted side. Overall, you can use all the colors, so long as you make sure they are slightly muted. If you are out of ideas, just put on mossy green shades of eyeshadow, and you will look stunning.

Soft Autumn is all about slightly muted and warm tones. Therefore, avoid using dark colors such as black and dark brown. Similarly, do not venture into mixing too many deep blue or dark orange shades.

In short, the skin tones that complement Soft Autumns are bronze, olive, ivory, and golden beige. As such, the list of options is short, but there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Deep Autumn

Cool Summer

Deep Autumn is all about dark and deep tones, with few exceptions. This group comprises people with a neutral skin tone but with a slightly warm undertone. These warm undertones can range from golden beige to caramel.

Moreover, bronze to warm black and golden to warm olive also come under Deep Autumn skin tones. The hair colors will be dark brown, deep chestnut, and auburn. These are all darker shades of hair for deep autumn. However, you can also go for golden, red, and yellow, which look the best on sunny autumn days. Of course, having your skin color in mind when choosing a hair dye is pivotal.

Freckles also compliment Deep Autumn tones, so it is a big pro. However, belonging to this group means your skin will look plain during winter. Luckily, you can work on your tone once spring rolls around. On a different note, warm brown and dark hazel eyes are Deep Autumn colors.

When it comes to your wardrobe, there are quite a lot of options. Yet, they have a theme, and that is their warm undertone. As a result, coppers, reddish tones, dark green, warmer blues, and purples are some of the shades you can choose.

Above all, avoid pastel colors with dusky shades. In the same vein, Bright Spring hues are the opposite of this seasonal color wheel. As a result, you should also avoid those colors.


You do not have to change your whole wardrobe to look your best if you have an autumn skin tone. The key is to put together an outfit that will highlight your natural tone and eye color. Thus, try using warm colors and patterns that complement your skin complexity.

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