Clear Spring Makeup List

makeup list for clear spring

The best Bright Spring makeup colors are Winter’s warmed and lightened up by Spring. This means pinks (because they are lighter reds) and corals, which are pinks with a hint of yellow. Clear Spring is nowhere as yellow as True Spring, and so it can wear silver and gunmetal eyeshadows beautifully. If you are so inclined, this season suits neon colors better than anybody else. High contrast makeup looks great on this season, including hot pink lips and a smoky dark grey eye with some sparkle. Avoid monochromatic looks which can be a bit boring on your coloring.

Clear Spring makeup includes some browns, but overall cooler ones. Warmer browns can look muddy, particularly as bronzer. Light warm brown eyeshadow in particular are too warm and muted.

Clear Spring Makeup For Eyes

The best clear spring makeup for eyes is to use a matte black or charcoal gray shadow over the lid. It will make all other shadows pop more. Use a darker color under the brow bone if you want to draw attention there. A soft shimmery gold or champagne would work well here.

Clear Spring Eyeliner And Mascara

Black will do, but charcoal will probably be better for Bright Spring makeup. Some other more unusual colors beautiful for Clear Spring are the following:

Clear Spring Makeup: Blushes

Clear Spring has a lot of pinks and corals in their palette. They make the perfect blush colors. You can also try using them as highlighter.

Clear Spring Makeup: Lipsticks

Clear Spring (Bright Spring) has a lot of bright reds, high-intensity corals and even some oranges and apricots. If you are on the cooler side of the season you’ll be happier with bright pinks.

If you have any questions about Clear Spring makeup, please ask me in the comments below!

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