Light Spring Makeup List

Light Spring Makeup List

The Light Spring color palette requires a light hand with makeup but the pigments are transparent and clear. In terms of lightness, Light Spring is probably the fairest of all seasons and that needs to be reflected on the makeup. Light spring makeup recs have mostly light colors, such as almond, vanilla or cream. Greys are less blue than the Summer seasons, and purple and light brown make an appearance. Some shades of green, such as moss, can draw the yellow in Light Spring eyes.

Sheen, gloss and a bit of sparkle works great to create this ethereal Light Spring makeup. Opaque colors often look out of place against the translucency of Light Spring skin.

Dark colours or black should be avoided, as even black mascara will overpower the rest of the colors. Some Light Springs is cooler and will do better using the pinker colors on their palette. Others run more towards the Warm Spring side and will look great with melons and apricots. Avoid going too warm though!


Light Spring Lipsticks

Lips are usually brighter than usual during the Spring, so keep that in mind when choosing your lip color. Pinkish hues like peaches and pinks are perfect for Light Spring lips.

Light Spring lippies are often glosses or stains, as the end result should be natural, soft and ethereal. There are some cooler reds and lighter pinks that can look good as an accent lipstick for this season. For a natural look, a glossy peach or pink looks effortless and healthy on Light Spring coloring.

Light Spring Makeup: Eyeshadows

The Light Spring palette has a lot of neutral skin tones, so it’s best to use them sparingly. If you want to go bold, try a matte taupe or gray shadow. A shimmery white or silver would work well with Light Spring skin.

For Light Spring eyes, avoid dark blues and greens. They will look harsh on your complexion. Instead, choose softer pastels

Light Spring Makeup Eyeliner And Mascara

Light spring makeup is ethereal and light, so choose eyeliner and mascara in greyed out, warm colors. Moss and grey work well, black will look too stark against your Light Spring palette. You can also use your bright color Light Spring eyeshadows as eyeliner, with a light hand.

Light Spring Blush

Light Spring is a slightly cooled off Spring, so you should choose your blushes from the cooler pinks on your palette. Avoid oranges and apricots as they can be too much warmth.

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