Colors That Go with Teal

Teal is a color that is both beautiful and incredibly versatile. With its clear nautical associations, it can tie a themed room or outfit together perfectly, with the blue undertones also helping to give your look a much-needed pop of color. 

Meanwhile, in its more muted form, it can add a touch of understated class. Shades of teal can be colorful or muted, light or dark. It’s a color with a huge scope for generating countless end results, but what is consistent in this gorgeous mix of green and blue is that it will always make an impact, no matter what iteration of the color is produced. 

One of the many benefits of this versatility is that there are many colors that look good with teal. This article will explore just some of the creative combinations you can make when you pair other hues with various shades of teal. 

What is teal?

Before we can consider what colors go good with this vibrant shade, we need to think about what the color actually is. Put simply, it is a combination of the colors green and blue. Based on both the shade and quantity of these color combinations, you can get various iterations of teal. 

For example, if you want ‘light teal’ you can mix it with white. Conversely, if you want a darker version, you can mix it with a touch of gray. A popular shade is turquoise teal, which occurs when you mix more green and white than blue, which leaves you with a shade so bright it almost has a yellowish undertone. When you think of the color of the sea on the coasts of Italy and Greece, you’ll imagine turquoise. 

Meanwhile, a shade containing more blue than green is commonly identified as ‘blue teal’. If it looks more green than blue is simply known as ‘green teal’.

Why do some colors go with teal and not others?

With the color being made up of greens and blues, it isn’t surprising that some people might think that these are the best and most complementary colors to pair with teal. This actually couldn’t be more wrong!

If teal were on (an expanded version of) the ROYGBV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) color wheel, a shade of green and blue would probably end up either side of it, which makes these colors analogous to teal. Whilst useful for creating a gradual, gradient-like effect, the problem with analogous color schemes is that because all the colors involved are visually similar to one another, it is difficult for an individual color to stand out. 

This means that if you’re seeking colors that look good with teal, green and blue aren’t the answer because they will only mute the impact of the hue and prevent it from being the focal point of an outfit or a room. 

If your goal with a color scheme is to make a specific color pop rather than blend in, it is always better to go with a complementary color scheme. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite one another on the ROYGBV color wheel. 

The primary effect of complementary colors is that visually, they create a contrast. This in turn helps to make individual colors stand out, which is ideal if you want to draw attention to your clothing, home decor, or artwork.

So, if you’re looking for a singular answer to the question: “What color looks good with teal?”, the answer would be coral. Coral is its opposite on the color wheel and as such can be considered it’s designated complementary color. 

What contrasting colors go well with teal?

If you’re seeking more colors that look good with teal alongside coral, it is important to consider the impact of complementary colors. This is why you’ll oftentimes find that colors that are starkly different to teal are the very ones that help to magnify it most effectively.

Here are some colors that are known to do just that for various shades of teal: 

  • Coral (of course)
  • Cream
  • Navy blue
  • Pale pink
  • Moderate pink
  • Dark pink
  • Brown
  • Gold

Visualize these colors alongside various shades of teal. These are great examples of colors that go with teal because they make an effective contrast effect which can help make the color more of a prominent focal point as opposed to being a mere part of a similarly-colored background. 

It guides the eyes to two focal colors as opposed to a vague similarly-colored range, which makes them the go-to option for design and fashion choices related to teal.

What colors go with teal clothes?

If you’re wearing shades of teal as part of an outfit, the best way to incorporate the complementary color pink is through more muted shades like dusty pink and pale pink.

In terms of yellows, a mustard shade can really help your teal green outfit pop, whilst a metallic gold contrast can add a bit of glamour and Great Gatsby vibes if you are hoping to make a statement with a teal blue outfit. 

In terms of browns, you have the choice of a subtle contrast with caramel shades or a more dramatic pop if you incorporate some dark brown into your look. 

What colors go with a teal sofa?

Sofas are expensive, so if you are hoping to customize your couch with some cushions or throws, it is important to ensure that you choose colors that complement its vibrancy, rather than ones that wash it out. 

After all, a teal sofa is a huge statement, so you want to make sure that it pops as much as possible! This then brings us back to our reliable complementary colors. 

While coral is an obvious color choice in terms of sofa accessories, it probably works best for a home with a more modern and feminine vibe to it. Meanwhile, for a more neutral and classical aesthetic, creams and browns are reliable favorites for people looking to spruce up their sofa. 

Alternatively, accessorize your neutral cream or brown-focused room with splashes of turquoise and gold for a Mediterranean look.


In short, the colors that look good with teal are incidentally the colors that look nothing like it. Goodbye blues and greens and hello pinks and browns! Whilst it might take time to find the exact color that best complements your shade of teal, we can promise you that the result will be worth it!

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