Cool Summer Palette Clothes

Cool Summer Palette Clothes

Cool Summer, also called True Summer, is a soft, muted, refreshing color scheme. The color palette works in mutual collaboration between one’s hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Your entire appearance looks cool and gives a lively vibe in the scorching heat. If your coloring is in line with Cool Summer, cool colors enhance your aura, whereas warm colors subdue your personality.

So, how do you identify which color season you are? Well, we’ve made things easy for you by listing some of the most critical features of a Cool Summer. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Common Features of the Cool Summer Palette

Cool Summer

You are more likely to be a Cool Summer if you have the following characteristics:


True Summer eyes always lie in the range of green, blue, gray, hazel, and light brown. Irrespective of their shade, summer eyes give off a soft, muted color, unlike bright winter eyes.


Your hair color is a shade of brown or muted blonde – meaning it can be light ash blonde, light brown, medium brown, or even dark brown. However, many Cool Summers don’t have true black hair.

Similarly, red undertones or golden highlights are also avoided as they disturb the cool effect. That is why dark colors suit red-haired people; it intensifies the winter palette.


Cool Summer skin always looks cool with flushes of pink, beige, or blue undertones. The color usually varies from fair to medium. You can check if you’re a Cool Summer by pairing your overall look with jewelry. Silver jewelry will complement your look if you are a Cool Summer. On the other hand, warm tones will make your skin look off.


The contrast between a True Summer’s hair and skin is moderate as the hair is dark and the skin is light. To identify whether or not you’re a Cool Summer, put on a light blue or gray outfit. If everything complements each other, you are a True Summer.

Cool Summer Color Palette Outfits

Cool Summer Color Palette Outfits

Now that you know what Cool Summer looks like, how do you know which colors to wear? Remember, summer colors feel the same as a light hazy day after heavy rainfall – cool, calm, and moderately warm. Summer colors are like the colors of water in the ocean: dark blue, gray, and light green.

Natural Shades

To match your light complexion and subdued hair color, your outfit should be in soft tones like light and dark gray, light blue, and light brown. Black will never be able to complement the softness of your beauty as it can be harsh and make you look old.

Similarly, pure white doesn’t go well with your color palette either. Although it is light, it is a loud color that doesn’t reflect the softness of your face. Instead, opt for soft neutrals that add to your overall muted appearance.

Colors to Avoid as a Cool Summer

True Summer colors lie in neutral and light, and wearing deep warm colors like yellow, pink, and red are the worst choices. Saturated colors overpower your natural, soft look, whereas dark colors overwhelm the coolness. Thus, causing a conflict between your soft appearance and the darker shade.

Color Contrast

You can match any summer color shade with each other to give off a delicate appearance. However, some combinations knit into each other, and the contrast is extraordinarily pleasing to the eyes. They blend so well that you might not even call it a contrast.

To get that tender, light contrast in your outfits, choose different hues of the same color and pair them with each other. For example, you can pair light gray and dark gray. The outfit comes to life at once and enhances your misty beauty, making you look healthy and invigorated.

Similarly, you can combine two neighboring colors as long as they blend into each other and don’t stand out. For example, you can combine dark green and blue. They complement each other, and the contrast feels of the same value.

If you want to do something with neutrals, select a dark shade and a nude one with beige undertones; the two colors must have slightly similar values. Since you have a soft, natural look, the nude shade will complete it, and the dark hue will add life to your appearance.

However, never combine two shades that contrast too much. For example, blue and red, or green and purple. These colors oppose each other on the color wheel and can make you look washed out and unstylish. On the other hand, opt instead for colors like light and dark green.

For a muted look, Cool Summers can combine pastels and nudes. These combinations will introduce a light yet beautiful look to your wardrobe.


As a Cool Summer, don’t be afraid to try out different patterns. Patterns can accentuate your appearance, so long as the colors suit one another. For example, if you wear a dress with a white, blue, and light pink pattern, it will sit well with your Cool Summer features. However, if the same pattern had yellow instead of white, it would be saturated and warm. Remember: warm tones don’t complement your naturally soft, cool features. Thus, avoid patterns that include even small amounts of warm-toned shades.

Your outfit should have medium contrast, if not low. For instance, with a green flowery pattern, a light gray hue would look much more delicate and better than purple in place of white.

Avoid geometric patterns, ordered and fixed into each other. It can make the outfit look boring and washed out. The best patterns and designs are flowers or dots. Essentially, any pattern that doesn’t create parallel lines.


Identifying whether you are a True Summer or not is easy. However, what’s difficult is matching your outfits and choosing the right colors and patterns. A little contrast difference can ruin your entire look, resulting in mixed winter and summer hues. Therefore, choose Cool Summer palette clothes that go hand in hand with your complexion and features.

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