Family Photo Color Schemes

Family Photo Color Schemes

Celebrating that special family occasion calls for the need to capture the moment in one epic photo or two. Then, as the years go by, you all can cherish that memory just by examining a single photograph. However, there’s a craft to knowing how to set the stage before everyone says ‘cheese.’ Also, it’s a lot trickier than simply dressing well.

Decent styling can make or break how you feel about your photos. Plus, a little bit of coordination can lead to better aesthetics. On that note, picking the right colors is difficult as most people are conscious of their choice. Luckily, there are family photo color schemes that can aid you in getting it right on the first try. So, go through these tips and options and see which one suits you best.

Your Choice of Clothing

As a rule of thumb, look for colors that contrast but do not overpower each other. Otherwise, some family members may blend with the background. This can also depend upon the backdrop you’ve chosen for the photo.

So, everyone should pitch in as to which location they’d prefer. Next, your family should carefully select which colors to wear.

Some Basic Tips

  • Avoid matching outfits and mix things up a little. Hence, wear colors that complement each other.
  • Understanding and looking at a color wheel can help you choose the right colors to dress. Of course, mind the atmosphere and the surroundings.
  • Wear neutral colors, as they go well with many color patterns.
  • Wear accessories.
  • Avoid going all black or all white.

Best Colors for Outdoor Pictures

Shades of Pumpkin Spice
  • Blue and yellow are complementary colors, therefore providing high contrast. So, using these colors with navy and dark gray will result in amazing photos since they work well with the outdoor backdrop.
  • For beach pictures, white and tan or muted colors work incredibly well as they are neutral colors and perfect against the shades of water and sand.
  • As for red and yellow, they easily transition to each other and are not contrasting choices. Thus, adding neutral colors to these two can help them pop out more and divert attention.
  • A combination of tan, cream, and navy is a very versatile and flexible color scheme as it harmonizes with all seasons and can complement them uniquely. Also, such combinations often look official and provide gravitas.

Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Every season comes with its vibe and feel, which you can further utilize by wearing clothes with their signature color palettes. For example, here are some tips for colors that work well together for your next family photo.

Winter Palette

The coldest of the seasons is a great opportunity for family fun. Plus, you can wear patterns that contrast with the cozy white blankets of snow. In that way, your winter photo will have more spice to it.

Dull and dark colors in winter are pleasing to the eyes and easily add detail to the image. In practice, it’s best to wear these colors for your winter photo:

  • Gray
  • Off White
  • Sleepy Blue
  • Purple
  • Stark Black

Spring Palette

Springtime is a favorite for many people as it brings incredible weather, colorful flowers, and more sunlight. In short, it’s a lovely season to wander around or simply admire nature. Plus, it brings a unique set of colors worthy of capturing on camera.

If your family agreed to take a family photo in spring, here’s what colors to wear:

  • Orange
  • Pastels
  • Bright Yellow
  • Neon Shades
  • Hot Pink

Summer Palette

Perfect blue skies on summer days bring a warm breeze that brushes against the leaves. The rustling of the branches creates a soothing sound amidst the silence. Often, there’s not a single cloud in sight, freeing up your hands in choosing the backdrop for your photo.

Generally, bright and light colors are the way to go during hot summer days. Here are several optimal choices for colors to wear:

  • Sky Blue
  • Yellow
  • Peach
  • Orangey Red

These colors are soothing and bright for the summer season. Also, they are easy to find and work well next to each other in a family photo.

Autumn Palette

Autumn is an amazing time of the year. During this season, leaves fall and turn from green to an incredible display of vibrant colors, creating beautiful scenery everywhere. As such, it marks the transition from the scorching summer to the freezing days of winter. Moreover, autumn brings a moderate climate that anyone can enjoy.

On top of that, autumn brings a variety of colors that make it easy to track down a location for your family event. Thus, you can wear darker and neutral shades to great effect against such a vibrant backdrop. For example, try these hues:

  • Rust Red
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Medium Olive Green
  • Mid-Brown
  • Camel
  • Burgundy

So, autumn leaves you with a lot of options for clothing during these occasions. However, your setup will play only a side role here. Instead, the warm tones offered by nature are the most compelling aspect of those photos.

Avoid Too Many Patterns

If you want to wear patterned clothes to your photo shoot, start by ensuring that the colors do not clash. Also, only use one type, as too many patterns will be distracting and create a cluttered mess. So, each member should notify the others about their choice of color patterns.

Furthermore, dark color patterns are a niche choice that’s hard to pair with the most popular palettes. Hence, going for more neutral or vibrant colors is much more convenient in that regard.


As time rushes on, the value of a warm family picture will only rise. Thus, your family should spend enough time and effort on creating something special. The easiest way to do so is not to follow what the current trends say. Instead, each member should shoot for a unique and representative outfit.

In this article, we’ve shared some basic ideas for streamlining this process. So, feel free to comb through these family photo color schemes when putting everything together.

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