Light Spring Palette (Light Warm)

Light Spring

Light Spring people have a dominant characteristic of light and a secondary characteristic of warm. This means that if you have dark eyes or dark hair and you aren’t a person of color then you are most likely not a Light Spring but one of the darker seasons. Your coloring is soft and delicate, and flows into Light Summer which is a cool season, so you share colors with people of that season. Light Spring colors are soft, delicate and low in contrast, but still have the sheer happiness of spring without the hazy smoke of summer.

General Characteristics Of The Light Spring Palette

You are likely to be a Light Spring if you have several of the following characteristics:


The primary characteristic of Light Springs is lightness, so the hair for this season is usually either light red (light strawberry blond to light copper) or light, gold strands. If your hair is very blonde it will probably be more golden than red. You may also have some brown tones as well.


Light Spring’s skin is generally ivory with peach undertones. It can be pinkish-peach, like the skin of an apricot, or more yellowy-golden, like the skin of a ripe apple.


Eyes are usually blue, green, light hazel or even a very light brown. Your eye color tends to be lighter than in other seasons and often has a greenish tint. It’s important to note that the green tinge can be subtle or strong depending on how much blue there is in your iris. If you have a lot of blue in your eyes, they tend to look like a clear sky. If you don’t have any blue in your eyes, your eyes will appear grey.

Are You A Light Spring?

You have a delicate and almost ethereal quality to you, with a low level of contrast between your skin, eyes and hair, and favor warm colors but you are not as warm as to be your primary characteristic. Most Light Springs are overpowered by very warm colors that are medium light, but don’t look good on icy pastels either. The general look is young and ethereal, but more approachable than Light Summers. If you feel that you need contrast to look your best, consider looking at Clear Spring instead.

Light Spring Celebrities

Some well known Light Spring celebrities are:

  • Dakota Fanning
  • Kate Hudson
  • Renee Zellweger
  • Amanda Seyfried

Notice how they all have an inherent softness to them, and they don’t usually look great in black (a big giveaway that they aren’t Clear Springs).

Light Spring Color Palette

The words that describe the light spring colour palette are warm, light and soft. You look great in pastel and dusty colors, such as bright coral, camel or light moss, and can wear head to toe light colors in the middle of winter and still look put together and beautiful. In fact, when combining your colors you want to avoid having a higher degree on contrast on your clothes than you do on your hair and eyes, so low contrast looks are the best. Since black doesn’t look good on you, you may want to turn to ivory, khaki and warm grays as your neutral or business colors. You can wear colors such as pale warm yellow with confidence.

Some colors from the Light Spring Palette
Some colors from the Light Spring Palette

Light Spring Makeup

Light Spring coloring means you will soon look overpowered if you apply makeup with a heavy hand. This doesn’t mean that you must only wear neutral and bare faced looks, just that the textures need to be translucent and light.

A heavy black smoky eye won’t do you any favors, but you can wear significant amounts of gloss and shine and still look amazing. Pink and peachy colors look great on you, as do some corals and yellow based reds and greens. You may want to avoid black mascara and stick to dark brown or even a warm navy instead. The original Naked Palette from Urban Decay has many colors that you will love, as well as Naked 3.

Check out more makeup recommendations on our guide to Light Spring makeup products.

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