Light Summer Celebrities

Light Summer Celebrities

Summer is warm and bright, and the Light Summer palette is even brighter than the regular summer season. While this palette is indescribably beautiful, it is also quite colorful. Light Summer sits between Light Spring and True Summer.

If your primary color is light and your secondary color is cool, you are a Light Summer, which means cooler colors look better on you than warmer ones. The most important thing to realize about your coloring is the low contrast between your skin, eyes, and hair when you first glance in the mirror. Your features are all quite pale. Therefore, if you don’t identify as a person of color and have dark eyes or hair, you are probably a Light Summer. Nevertheless, you could also be a Light Summer if you identify as a person of color but have a cooler undertone and low contrast between your main features.

Features Associated With Light Summer


Typically, people who are Light Summer have light hair. The color typically ranges from ash blonde to light brown. People of darker ethnicities often have light brown hair, which lies in low contrast to their skin.


Light Summer skin is almost always pale. The skin tone usually ranges from fair to beige with cool-neutral undertones. Given the cool undertones, silver suits Light Summer skin better than gold. However, in case one wants to opt for gold, it is suggested that they pick white gold.


Light Summer eyes are beautiful and light, with cool gray undertones. The colors range from gray-blue to dull green.

Light Summer Celebrities

The following celebs most likely classify Light Summers. Remember, it’s only possible to know for sure after an in-person assessment with a certified color analyst.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Light Summer celebrities often don’t wear dark makeup, as we typically observe in Gwyneth Paltrow. She often chooses neutral, cool, and medium-saturated dresses and accessories. Dress her in a bright, high-contrast outfit, and her complexion will turn either an unattractive area of the consistent pale face or an unattractive mirror of the too-strong hue.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is a Light Summer, which you can observe given her cool pale skin, light eyes, and natural ashy blonde hair. Like plenty of other Light Summers, she had light blonde hair as a kid, and her hair has darkened a bit with age. However, there are no visible highlights.

You can look her up on Google to see how she expertly combines light, cold hues with her dazzling natural warmth as a Light Summer. Typically, her bright golden hair serves as a warm contrast to her pale gold features.


It’s often difficult to determine whether you’re a Light Summer or Light Spring because these palettes share low contrasting features. However, Light Spring has warm undertones, while Light Summer has cooler undertones. Furthermore, Light Summers looks ashier, whereas Light Spring gives a fresh and more natural look.

If you want to know how to follow your natural Light Summer look, you can take inspiration from other light summer celebrities like Kristen Dunst, Troye Sivan, Reese Witherspoon, and Elle Fanning, among others.

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