Soft Summer Celebrities

Soft Summer Celebrities

Soft Summers have muted chroma, cool hues, and neutral undertones in their features. A Soft Summer has a low level of contrast between their natural shades of hair, eyes, and skin.

Soft Summers look graceful, elegant, and chic for their significantly soft, subtle, and delicate levels of shades. Here, we discuss some of the most stunningly beautiful and gorgeously styled Soft Summer celebrities to let you take inspiration from. Check out who these Soft Summer celebrities are and how they boost their natural beauty using complementing clothing and makeup.

Identifying Features of Soft Summer Celebrities

Soft Summer is a cool season with a hint of light and a grayish undertone. This season lies between True or Warm Summer and Soft Autumn. They neither have specific warm or cool undertones, but their neutral skin can adapt to any of these tones depending upon the shade they are wearing. The following are some defining characteristics of Soft Summers:


The hair color of Soft Summers generally has ashy tones. Celebrities with hair colors ranging from ash blonde and medium ash brown to dark ash brown belong to the Soft Summer season. Generally, Soft Summers have hair that is darker than the other summer seasons.


Soft Summer eye colors include grayish blue, hazel, green, and brown. Generally, Soft Summer eyes are soft and muted and not bright or sparkling. Hence, celebrities with clear and less muddy shades of these eye colors are Soft Summers.


Soft Summer skin looks neutral or neutral cool with subtle ashy and pink undertones. Therefore, celebrities with lighter skin colors generally have natural beige or ivory tones, with low levels of contrast between hair and eye shades. The same goes for dark-skinned celebrities, as they have a neutral skin tone, which pairs beautifully with their hair and eye colors.

Soft Summer Celebrities: Fashion Inspiration

Jennifer Aniston

One of our beloved “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston, is a Soft Summer with light green eyes, a grayish undertone, and fair hair and skin. She mostly wears light neutral eye makeup such as dusky pinks or dusky blues. To add a little depth and an accent color, she sometimes wears eye colors such as warm teal or navy blue.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The gorgeous Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, is a prime example of how to flaunt the cool, Soft Summer hues. She has fair skin with an ashy brown undertone in sync with her brown hair. Parker has beautiful blue eyes with a hint of deep green hues. Moreover, she often wears pastel lips, soft and rosy blush, and dark eye makeup.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, a renowned model and celebrity, is often associated with the soft summer color palette, characterized by cool, muted shades of blue, green, and pink. Her makeup choices often reflect this palette, with subtle but striking looks featuring soft smoky eyes and rosy lips. Hadid’s makeup artist often uses neutral tones to contour her face, emphasizing her natural features while maintaining a soft and natural appearance. Her signature look is achieved through a combination of careful color choices and precise application techniques, resulting in a sophisticated and effortless look. Many beauty enthusiasts look to Hadid for inspiration when creating an elegant and understated soft summer look.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson, known for her roles in movies like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Social Network, is a perfect example of a soft summer celebrity. Her makeup often features soft, muted colors, complementing her cool-toned complexion and light hair. She opts for natural-looking makeup, enhancing her features rather than making a bold statement. Johnson’s makeup often includes a subtle smoky eye, a soft pink or nude lip, and a flush of rose or peach on her cheeks. Her makeup choices reflect the soft and understated elegance of the soft summer color palette, making her a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to achieve a similar look.

Miranda Kerr

The stunning Miranda Kerr is another Soft Summer celebrity. She has beautiful blue eyes with a grayish undertone. Moreover, she has beautiful dark brown hair.

Additionally, her signature makeup look involves glowy skin using highlighters on the sharp edges of her face and bright lips. Kerr often keeps her eyes and cheeks neutral and lets her lip color stand out.

Soft Summer Accessories

Soft Summer is a season that is characterized by muted colors and a natural appearance. This season’s color palette consists of cool, muted shades that are not too bright or dark. Accessories that complement this season’s color palette should also have a muted appearance with a soft and subtle tone.

Saturated Colors: Not Ideal for Soft Summer Accessories

Soft Summer is not a season that is characterized by bright and bold colors. Therefore, accessories with bright and bold colors are not suitable for this season. Soft Summer accessories should have a muted appearance and a subtle tone that complements the season’s color palette.

Color Palette: Cool and Muted Shades

The Soft Summer color palette consists of cool and muted shades, such as soft blues, greys, pinks, and purples. Accessories that complement this color palette should have a similar color tone. Metallic accessories in silver or platinum also complement this season’s color palette.

Muted Appearance: Complementing the Soft Summer Color Palette

Accessories with a muted appearance complement the Soft Summer color palette. This season’s accessories should have a soft and subtle color tone that blends in with the overall muted appearance. Soft Summer accessories can also incorporate natural materials such as wood, leather, or stone to complement the natural appearance of the season.

Sister Seasons: Accessories for Soft Summer and Other Seasons

Soft Summer is one of the four seasons in the seasonal color analysis system. Its sister seasons are Light Summer, Cool Summer, and Soft Autumn. Accessories that complement Soft Summer can also be worn by these sister seasons, with slight variations in color and appearance.

Embracing the Natural Appearance of Soft Summer

Accessories that complement Soft Summer should embrace the natural appearance of the season. This includes incorporating natural materials and textures like wood, leather, or stone. Soft Summer accessories should highlight natural features such as delicate floral patterns, subtle animal prints, or intricate lace designs. By embracing the natural appearance of the season, Soft Summer accessories can complement an overall soft and subtle look.


This list included some of the most gorgeous, famous Soft Summer celebrities. You can observe how these celebrities get glammed up at different events. By taking inspiration from them, you can figure out how to style yourself and accentuate your natural Cool Summer features yourself.

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