Soft Autumn Celebrities

Soft Autumn Celebrities

Soft Autumn stands between True Autumn and Soft Summer on the color palette. Though Soft Autumn is a bit warmer than Soft Summer, it still takes some influences from the latter. The color palette lies at the summer end of the autumn palette; hence it has a gentle touch too. Soft Autumn is warm and muted compared to Soft Summer, which is cooler. In short, while Soft Autumn draws some similarity from the summer palette, it leans more towards the autumn palette.

Thus, the Soft Autumn celebrities are those autumn celebrities that flow nicely into summer. These celebrities have a mix of warm colors, just like Soft Summers, with slight reddish tones in their hair and a golden skin undertone. Their overall appearance is muted and warm, with warm undertones of yellow and beige.

What Are the Characteristics of Soft Autumn Celebrities?

Soft Autumn celebrities have the primary color aspect of their personality as muted and the secondary color aspect as warm. This means these celebrities will look better in warm colors than the cooler ones. The color contrast between their eyes, hair, and skin is toned down — it is not intense — and the coloring blends easily. Gold accessories compliment Soft Autumn celebrities more than silver ones.

Regarding facial features, Soft Autumn celebrities have a higher content of honey and walnut shades. Their eyes can be light hazel, green, or light brown, making them muted. Their skin is either neutral-warm or neutral, and their hair may look strawberry blonde, medium golden brown, or golden blonde. Besides that, the contrast between the hair and facial features is low to medium.

Examples of a Few Soft Autumn Celebrities

Now that you’ve understood the characteristics of Soft Autumn celebrities let’s look at a few examples. Some Soft Autumn celebrities include Gigi Hadid, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Giselle Bündchen, Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Rachel Zoe, Kate Winslet, Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, Felicity Jones, Tyra Banks, and Kirby Griffin.

Looking at these celebrities, you’ll note that their eyes are neither too light nor too dark, and their hairs are mousy. Their skin has a warm and low contrasting tone, but gentleness is still in the overall appearance. These celebrities look best in warm colors, and their skins glow differently in them. Besides, rose and violet lipsticks won’t suit them and will look off in pink hues. Also, if you notice, Soft Autumn celebrities will appear slightly overpowered in vibrant or bright colors.


There are many Soft Autumn celebrities; you can guess them by looking at their overall appearance. These celebrities have neutral-warm or neutral skin tones. Though they look good in gold and silver, gold will look better on them. Their skin, hair, and eyes have muted tones that look similar. Many Soft Autumn celebrities also change their overall look by dying their hair. So, sometimes, it is difficult to determine their color palette.

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