Soft Autumn Lipstick

Soft Autumn Lipstick

Autumn colors are gentle and natural and give a neutral but delicate look. In addition, Soft Autumn lipsticks are warm and muted, perfect for those who want some color but don’t want anything too bold. Soft Autumn is one of the three autumn seasons. It lies between Soft Summer and True Autumn on the seasonal chart flow. This season is warm and leans further towards the autumn color palette than Soft Summer. Moreover, Soft Autumn makeup looks best when it’s natural and gentle.

Soft Autumn colors will help you look more harmonious with your complexion than any other color season family if your coloring is more autumn than summer. It enhances the charm of your personality and draws attention to your best features without being overt. This article includes the details of Soft Autumn lipstick shades and their attributes. Moreover, it covers the compatible blush colors for Soft Autumn lipsticks to provide a complete and natural look for any occasion.

Soft Autumn Color Palette

Soft Autumn Color Palette

Soft Autumn colors lean more towards the golden shades than silver ones, and they combine low chroma with a bit of warmth. You could say that Soft Autumn colors are autumn colors, but with much-reduced intensity. A person is Soft Autumn if the appearance is more warm, neutral, and muted.

A Soft Autumn appearance is muted and has a gently gray blend of skin, hair, and eye colors while looking into the mirror. Warmer undertones make the appearance less intense and softer. The contrast between a Soft Autumn’s hair, skin, and eyes ranges from low to medium. Skin colors in the Soft Autumn palette are fair to tan and have a tint of sand or yellow.

Soft Autumn hair is strawberry blonde, light golden brown, golden blonde, and medium golden brown. Moreover, green, hazel, or light brown colors lie in the Soft Autumn eye color palette. They have a more yellowish or golden hue than blue, as blue is the coolest of all the colors.

Soft Autumn Lipstick Shades

Soft Autumn colors lead to neutral lipstick shades with a wide range of warm, golden, and natural lip colors. For the day look, you can choose lipstick similar to your natural lip color with a slight golden shade above it. Wear more reddish or brown lipstick colors if you want a dramatic Soft Autumn look.

Soft Autumn looks prefer matte colors, as a shiny look can overwhelm the muted appearance. Bright color lipsticks can make you look clownish; therefore, you should select neutral colors for a soft look.

Soft Autumn lipstick chart includes coral almond, tea rose, holly berry, crabapple, cardinal, gossamer pink, apricot blush, lobster bisque, mineral red, brick red, crystal rose, murex shell, faded rose, baroque rose, and Tibetan red shades. These soft colors give you a neutral, soft, and gentle appearance. You should choose your lipstick color according to your required look, along with the blush and eyeliner color.

Soft Autumn Lipstick vs. Blush

You should wear Soft Autumn lipstick shades according to the chosen blush colors and makeup. The blush color you use can change your look completely. However, if you choose them carefully and ensure their compatibility with your lipstick colors, you can create a more cohesive look. Soft Autumn lipstick shades go perfectly with natural blush colors, including coral almond, tea rose, crabapple, apricot blush, lobster bisque, murex shell, and faded rose.

Apply blush with less shimmer and avoid sparkle for a gentle look. Choose a lipstick color softer than your blush color to get a weaker contrast. For example, apply a russet lipstick while choosing a peachy pink blush, providing a more gentle and natural look.

Soft Autumn Lipstick vs. Makeup

Soft Autumn contrasts are low to medium, with the hair color slightly darker than the skin. It has warm undertones, so the makeup should look mellow and more muted in this category. If you are looking for a natural look, choose brown and beige colors in your palette. For a nude makeup look, you should go for lipsticks that enhance the natural lip color. Choose minimum eye makeup and a light bronze to improve your complexion.

Avoid heavy makeup and bright colors if you want to look more dramatic. Go for the darker colors in your palette. For example, create smokey eyes with dark eyeliner, shadow, and deep berry lip shades. In the daytime, go for a matte look and add a slight shimmer for evening events.

The Difference Between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn Lipsticks

Soft Summer and Soft Autumn share some similar characteristics but are not the same. Although both classes have medium and muted colors, they are opposite. Soft Summer contains cooler and grayish colors, whereas Soft Autumn includes warmer and earthier colors. They have different hues and dimensions, and you can identify each one quickly.

Soft Autumn lipsticks are warmer and lean more towards shades of brown, gold, and yellow. However, Soft Summer lipstick includes the lowest chroma pink colors, giving a silvery look and a cool appearance. You should choose lipstick colors according to your complexion and skin tone, as lipstick shades influence your face and enhance your appearance.


Soft Autumn lipsticks are usually neutral and muted with medium color value. This palette possesses warmer colors with brownish pigmentation and a yellowish or walnut appearance. Wearing these kinds of lipstick according to your blush, eyeliner, and bronzer can make you look graceful and warm.

Always use less shimmer and lip gloss in the daytime to give yourself a nude or matte look that is perfect for your day look. However, don’t forget to put a little lip gloss on your Soft Autumn palette to enhance your lips for night events. We hope this article has helped you find all possible aspects of Soft Autumn lipsticks and their shades.

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