Cool Winter Palette (True Winter, Cool Deep)

Cool Winter

Cool Winters can be recognized by their overall cool appearance, lacking in any warm or golden tones, and dark in intensity. Unlike Deep Winter, Cool Winters have no warmth on their skin or hair, and they look great in pure cool colors, such as icy pink or fuchsia.

General Characteristics Of The Cool Winter Palette

You are likely to be a Cool Winter if you have several of the following characteristics:


Cool Winter hair is dark, from blue-black to medium brown or even an ashy white-blonde without red or golden tones at all.


True Winter skin is rosy beige, cool beige, soft olive, and it tans easily. There is no golden undertones or anything that would make you think orange is a good color for them. If you can wear orange, you are not a True Winter. If your skin is warmer, try Deep Winter.


Eyes are usually light and cold, gray, blue, violet or an icy hazel or dark brown without gold on them.

Are You a Cool Winter?

The typical characteristics of a Cool Winter are a combination of cool eyes, cool skin tones and cool natural hair color. Most Winter seasons flow into Cool Winter as they age, and salt and pepper hair is frequent. Unlike Cool Summers, Cool Winter coloring is clear and high in contrast and looks great in black and high contrast color combinations. If you look great in stark white and black combinations, icy pink, royal purple and other cool and intense colors, you are most likely a Cool Winter.

Cool Winter Celebrities

There are many celebrities that fall into the cool winter category:

  • Liv Tyler
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Katy Perry (though she tends to dress like a Bright Winter)
  • Marion Cotillard

Cool Winter Color Palette

As a True Winter, there is no warmth to your coloring and this need to reflect on your best colour palettes. It’s important to stay away from golden and warm colors, such as golden browns and oranges, and stick to intense blues, purples and icy colors that make you glow. However, unlike True Summer your coloring has an intensity that makes you look washed up if you choose pale pastel colors such as lavender or sky blue, so avoid them and choose instead more intense versions such as Chinese Blue, Icy Blue, Fuchsia or Plum.

Some colors from the Cool Winter palette
Some colors from the Cool Winter palette

Cool Winter Makeup

As all the other Winters, True Winter has an intensity to its coloring that allows for quite intense makeup that looks natural on them but would look garish on more delicate looking seasons.

Cool Winter doesn’t flow into any warm season, which can make finding the right blush and lipstick colors a challenge. However, raspberry, plum and deep rose (which are on the Cool Summer palette as well) are perfect for this season, along with many of the pinks and cold purples on the True Winter palette. Cold, steel grey makes for a great eye shadow, along with an icy white as highlighter, and navy, pure deep blue or black eyeliner for definition.

The worst makeup colors for Cool Winter are those with warm tones or golden undertones. Avoid golden and orange eye shadows and brown or nude lipsticks with a warm undertone, as they will just make you look sick or go all muddy.

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  1. says: sdb

    they should make a colour palette for deep TRUE WINTER.THIS IS BECAUSE some of the colours in deep palette are too warm yet deeper complected winters can wear true orange or tangerine, taupish teak bamboo taupe but not the intense browns of autumn or warm. nor violet but eggplant and midnight blue suit the complexion.i notice pistachio and grapeish shades go with this in deep.also some of the greyed colours of shaded winter help bring out more shades for office colours that are too bright.i think the original book color me beautiful made this point. that lighter winters look better in lighter contrast and deeper need needs to be elaborated on new colours in palette.what happens if you mix coloursv in palette. royal and hot turquoise cant wear peacock or pastel turquoise but yet some of the deep colours are attractive to look at als can be misinterpreted if true winter and darker skinned.yet some are darker can wear deep. perhaps they are in a code of their own.some autumns redheads look good in dep winter palette which makes me wonder if they are really autumns.

    1. says: editorial team

      I’m pretty sure the 16 color system has a similar thing (Shaded Winter) that would be the darkest of all Winters. It didn’t seem to get a lot of traction, I think because stylists and consultants just recommend people to use particular color combinations depending on their contrast and darkness levels. But if you are looking for a darker but still Winter palette with no warm (so not Deep Winter) it may be worth checking out.

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