Light Summer Makeup

Light Summer Makeup

Light Summer brings forth the comforts of summer while also bringing a refreshing and calm sense of lightness. It comes after spring, and its color palette consists mainly of light, cool tones. However, the palette can still be seen with brighter hues. Light Summer makeup includes luscious lip glosses, pastel blushes, and soft eyeshadows to complement those natural features.

You are a Light Summer if the cooler colors on your overall appearance compliment you better than warmer ones. When you look in the mirror, you’ll likely notice how light your features are, such as your skin tone, hair shade, and eye color. Additionally, if you are a person of color with light-colored hair and pale, cool skin, you may belong to the Light Summer color palette. Also, silver suits Light Summers more than gold because their features have a cool undertone.

Features of Light Summer Makeup

Light Summer skin can be classified as either having cool or neutral undertones. Light Summer skin typically ranges from very fair to medium in coloration.

On the other hand, Light Summer eyes are generally light-blue, light gray, or a light-azure shade. Unlike other seasons, Light Summers never have deep, dark eyes. Additionally, they typically have a cool undertone like steel when looked at close up. Typically, you may notice the Light Summer eye looks to have a cracked glass pattern and a gentle division between the iris and the white part of the eye.

Like their other attributes, Light Summers typically have lighter-colored hair. It ranges from snow white to golden blonde and honey brown — it doesn’t usually contain any natural highlights. When Light Summers are kids, they typically have blonde hair, which darkens naturally over time. Individuals of a different ethnicity might have a lighter shade of brown hair, which is in low contrast with their features.

Light Summer is a color palette of understated contrast between skin, eyes, and hair. There’s also a subtle yet harmonious contrast between the iris and the whites of the eye.

Makeup Tips Light Summers

Tinted Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Start by priming your concealer and makeup with a tinted sunscreen or moisturizer. The priming will create the perfect base for your foundation, balancing out any unevenness and redness in your pale skin tone.

Don’t Use Foundation With Concealer

Spending too much time in the hot, humid weather will cause your makeup to smudge. We suggest you only use a concealer to cover up shadows and blemishes on your skin, and it will blend seamlessly with your skin tone for an effortless application. You can top this off with a light pat of setting powder so your creams stay in place. Ideally, use a foundation that has neutral or cool undertones.

Water Resistant Makeup

Invest in high-quality waterproof makeup — specifically eyeliner and mascara. With these two items alone, you will find it easier to keep your look intact for longer. You’ll also no longer have to worry about smudging or messing up your eye makeup due to excessive sweating. Light Summers should opt for cool-toned shades in gray or brown.

No Shimmer, Just Bronzer

Skip the shimmery makeup look this season. A bronzer will give you a natural and neutral color while giving your skin a delectable tanned appearance. Use it sparingly on the highest points of your face where sunlight usually strikes. You can use it across the bridge of your nose or along cheekbones for an even glow without looking unnatural or too glossy. A good touch of bronzer will add a hint of warmth to your naturally cool undertones.

Use More Versatile Face Products

Use a single cool-toned hue to accentuate your cheeks, eyelids, and lips. This will keep your makeup light and easy to do. Moreover, the cool-toned shade won’t clash with your cooler-toned features.

Looks for Light Summer Makeup

Light Summer Makeup Color

The Dramatic Look

Keep your foundation light and feathery for a dramatic yet glamorous look; avoid using heavy or dark color shades on your eyes, lips, or face. Choose any shade of blue with a hint of smoke for your eyes and deep berries or pink hues for your lips. For example, if you’re fair-skinned, opt for a deeper red, and vice versa if you are dark-skinned.

The Natural Look

Light Summer makeup is most beautiful with a subtle yet powerful presence. It should mimic the qualities of one’s natural appearance; for Light Summers, that means looking light but with fullness. Dark shades of makeup on Light Summer features could overwhelm them or appear too much for their taste.

This color season needs little makeup to achieve a natural look. Minimal eye makeup and light-colored lipstick work best when creating this look. Bring out your natural features by using gentle blush, light pink lipstick, and neutral eyeshadows so you can still show off your natural beauty.

Final Thoughts

The Light Summer color palette includes many soft and beautiful shades. In contrast, there is a lack of dark or bright colors in the Light Summer palette. The only use for these darker shades is when they support more golden hues as accents or to balance out the pallet. The colors are relatively pastel, such as light pink or nude shades. They don’t contrast sharply against each other but rather gradually progress from one color to another.

If you’re a Light Summer, sometimes less is more. Having excessive amounts of makeup in various shades can wash out your natural cool-toned features. To avoid looking overdone, try to only wear powdered blushes. Use high-quality makeup brushes or sponges so that your makeup lasts longer throughout the day. Focus on a good skincare routine for maximum radiance — caring for your skin will automatically boost your Light Summer radiance.

While the Light Summer season may seem similar to other summer seasons, some elements make it unique. The Light Summer color palette has a certain chilliness; however, spring also brings some warmth to these cold shades. In addition, spring saturates every bright shade, making it vivid and lively.

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