Cool Summer Makeup Ideas

Cool Summer Makeup

A Cool Summer has a gentle, light, and subdued color palette, the prettiest of all four seasons. A matching makeup selection to this color temperature guarantees a youthful and healthy look. Perhaps this association with what’s natural is why Cool Summer is also known as True Summer.

Cool Summer is the opposite of Cool Winter. Where Cool Summer is light and muted, Cool Winter is dark and bright. As such, Cool Summer does not associate with that intense and contrasting palette. Instead, it focuses on a calmer and more approachable color palette and outlook. This article helps you put together the most suitable Cool Summer makeup to make you look amazing.

All About Cool Summer

A Cool Summer has an overall cool appearance centered on cool blue and pink undertones for the eyes, skin, and hair. Your facial features are not too elaborate, elegantly blending well with your overall appearance.

Your eyes are likely green, blue, hazel, or gray. You might have muted brown eyes if you’re of a darker skin tone. Additionally, light-to-medium brown eyes are rare but possible, especially for those with some winter.

Hair is where it can be tricky. Blonde hair ranges from light to medium ash, brown from mousey to cool, and light red hair for pale individuals. What enables easy identification is that ashy, muted tone that lacks warmth.

Fortunately, Cool Summer skin is soft, which perfectly blends well with less elaborate features. The softness is fair to medium, with some pink denoting the cool undertones. Overall, there is little contrast in the gentle blending of a Cool Summer look.

Cool Summer Makeup Colors

Cool Summer Make up Colors

Foundation and Concealer

Picking a foundation or concealer for a Cool Summer is the easiest. Since the skin tone lies around the fair hue, options aren’t too diverse. Therefore, you only need to pick what matches your specific skin tone. Examples include fair, light, medium, and tan foundation and concealer. Additionally, aim for matte, silky, and smooth options to maintain that subdued tone.


The best colors for applying around the eyes for a Cool Summer have an almost pastel theme. Some excellent choices include apricot, opal, lilac, slate, mint, champagne, spruce, soft pink, navy, pearl gray, plum, and smoke.


The eyeliner colors are probably the boldest, with a choice of granite or amethyst.


The cheeks are best enhanced with a pink hue that brings forth the cool pink undertones in the skin. Therefore, rose, soft mauve, candy pink, and soft Fuchsia work wonders.

Lip Color

The lips allow for some range, depending on your overall look and wardrobe choices. Suitable colors include plum rose, raspberry, mauve, and Fuchsia.

How to Combine Colors

You are at liberty to combine any of the colors in the Cool Summer palette. However, not all combinations are suitable or emphasize natural beauty. Therefore, aim to enhance your natural contrast without seeming garish or outlandish.

While a Cool Summer look tends to blend, there is some natural contrast that you need to work with. The safest color combinations are ones that present medium contrast. For example, you can opt for a monochromatic color combination while remaining in the cool spectrum to attain said contrast. Additionally, that choice falls within the subdued theme, as seen in using a lighter and darker shade of pink.

If you wish to be bolder, you can combine neighboring colors to attain that gentle contrast. For example, pink works well with a shade of purple to achieve a beautiful and youthful look.

For neutral colors such as ash gray, you’ll need a contrasting hue for balance. You only need to ensure you don’t pick an overly bold one. The idea is to lighten the neural color without veering off the gentle overall look.

What to Avoid

You need to avoid combining opposite colors. As mentioned, colors that contrast too much won’t work for a Cool Summer palette. For example, veering off the Cool Summer color palette for something like blue and yellow will look out of place.

To emphasize, avoid any warm and bright colors as they significantly alter the cool and soft palette. On the other hand, avoid cold and harsh colors. Those will dull out your look and also cause a palette imbalance. Examples include dark purple and black.

Cool Summer Tips for Makeup and Skincare

Check Your Skincare Routine

Cool Summer skin is generally fair and susceptible to environmental effects. As such, the gentle skin needs proper care and hydration to maintain that cool yet healthy look. Therefore, practice discipline in skin care, such as a strict cleansing and moisturizing routine.

Choose Your Foundation Accordingly

Ensure that your foundation and concealer choices are correct. While it might be tempting to experiment on your skin, Cool Summer tones will clash with such contrasting choices. Therefore, be careful about the foundation choice, and experiment with other parts of the makeup routine.

Use Bronzer Sparingly

It’s worth emphasizing that the bronzer of choice should suit the subdued look and only be used sparingly. Remember, too much bronzer will make the overall makeup seem too elaborate.

About Blush…

The fairer you are, the more you’ll need blush. Similarly, avoid too much of it as it’ll veer off the natural Cool Summer look.

Match Your Neck With Your Face

Focusing on the face and forgetting your neck is common, resulting in an undesirable two-tone look. The fairer you are, the more that contrast stands out. Therefore, take time to work on your neck for that natural look. Ensure your lighting is as close to natural as possible to avoid this mistake.


Cool Summer is an elegant skin color with that gentle, light, and subdued look. The youthful and healthy look could do well with makeup, only if it matches and enhances what exists. This article explores the Cool Summer palette, revealing the most suitable colors. Additionally, you’ll learn what color combinations work and which ones to avoid. Furthermore, you’ll find tips to ensure the makeup application works and blends naturally.

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