Bright Winter Makeup List

bright winter makeup recs

Bright Winter has the coolness of Winter, but influenced by the brightness of Spring. The best makeup for Bright Winter is cool but high contrast, with bright cool pinks, silver, lavender and platinum featuring. At the same time, this palette has a lot of taupe colored neutrals, as you want something for the brights to pop against.

The ideal Clear Winter makeup is clear but not necessarily sparkly or overly glossy. Even if the colors feel intense, they can also be perfectly appropriate for the office. Eyeliner can be black or even better, charcoal. But for a touch of fun a dark violet (cool violet, not too purple) can enhance the eyes a lot.

Bright Winter can usually pull smoky eyes and bright lipstick, but monochromatic looks can feel boring. It is important to avoid using contouring products that are too golden, orange or warm as they will make the complexion look muddy. A silvery highlight works much better than a golden one.

Bright Winter Lipsticks

Lipstick should be matte in order to keep the lips looking fresh throughout the day. Matte lipsticks tend to have more staying power than glosses. They are great for all skin types, including dry skin. If your lips are naturally very pink, then it’s okay to use a slightly darker shade. However, if you have pale lips, stick to neutral shades like nude or brown.

Clear Winter Makeup: Blushes

Blush is an easy way to add color to your face without having to apply foundation or powder. When choosing blushes, think about how you want to wear them. For example, if you prefer a natural flush on your cheeks, choose a soft blush. If you want a bolder flush, go for a bright colour tone.

Bright Winter Eyeliners

Black eyeliner is always a good choice because it goes well with almost any eye color. You can also try out some dark brown pencils to create a smokey eye effect. This look is perfect for those who don’t want to spend money on expensive eye shadow palettes.

Bright Winter Eyeshadow Colors

If you want to achieve a bright winter look, you need to focus on the eyes. Choose a light blue or greenish-gray for the base color. Then, mix in a few lighter shades of blue or green to give the eyes depth. Use a shimmery white or gold to bring out the highlights. Apply mascara and a bit of glittering liner.

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