Cool Winter Makeup List

Cool Winter Makeup List

Cool winter makeup products are cool, with a rosy undertones but high contrast. Avoid bronzer as it can look muddy. You can wear a lot of makeup and still look natural but your look is generally one of strength and drama. If you don’t like heavy makeup, look for sheer red-violet, fuchsia, or raspberry tones. Avoid gold and brown shades.

Cool Winter Makeup For Eyes

True winter whites, greys, black, taupes and icy colours work as neutral eyeshadows and highlights. Violet or sapphire work great as accent colors or for more colourful looks.

True Winter Blush

True Winter blush looks scary on the pan most of the time. However, when applied to the True Winter skintone it becomes a healthy flush, like you just came from a relaxed stroll on the snow. Choose cool pinks and fuchsias that have no golden tones and avoid bronzer.

Cool Winter Eyeliner and Mascara

Cool winter greys and blacks are great eye liners, and mascara is black or the deepest charcoal. You could also use navy mascara.

True Winter Lipsticks

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