Soft Autumn Makeup

Soft Autumn Makeup

Being a Soft Autumn due to your seasonal color analysis indicates your eyes, hair, and skin color are gentle with soft contrasting hues. The color palette associated with Soft Autumns is primarily mute and secondarily warm.

It’s up to you to figure out the perfect shades and colors that compliment you and will work in synergy for the perfect look from the wide variety of products available. The perfect Soft Autumn Lipstick on our list will work regardless of whether you want an everyday look or to make a statement.

What Is Soft Autumn?

Soft Autumn combines a gentle look with soft warmth. It is a subset of the autumn season, progressing from the preceding Soft Summer into the very warm, True Autumn. If you are of the Soft Autumn palette, your appearance appears to be naturally gentle. Typically, there is either a medium or really low contrast between the features of Soft Autumn.

The complimentary color palette of Soft Autumn is muted, on the warmer side, but of medium value. This palette will give a sense of harmony to your look as it mimics your natural features. Thus, the best complimentary Soft Autumn makeup leans towards the gentle, soft, and natural. Think nude and understated.

Hues and Chroma for Soft Autumn

The hues for your makeup pallet should fall on light to medium warmth. Harsh and vibrant warmth is a no for you. Thus, there is a low number of blue shades on the color palette, which is a cool color.

The blues for you are turquoise and blues with yellow tints. In fact, as a rule of thumb, look for yellows, greens, and warmer browns (with a yellow tint). These are the best hues to look for when choosing your makeup palettes. For Soft Autumn chroma, unnecessarily bright colors are also a no. Low chroma compliments your skin tone best, meaning you only choose colors with little to no saturation.

Value for Soft Autumn

Value implies the dominating color shade, and the value of Soft Autumn is medium. Thus, choose one where no color shade is dominant for whatever makeup product you intend to purchase. This implies that your colors should fall to the middle spectrum of the color scale, not dark or light dominant.

Aim for soft, warm colors in the medium range. Your darkest colors would ideally be in the brown palette. This entails that black is a no-go. Similarly, your lightest colors are more gray-like pastels that pair ideally with a tan.

Makeup Colors

Soft Autumn Makeup Look

Think gray softness as the base. This includes khaki-like colors. Additionally, you may choose to take inspiration from wood ash, gray suede, and other light browns.

Soft Autumn Eyeshadow

As a Soft Autumn, all your eye makeup stems from rich neutrals. Invest in eyeshadows with a lot of beige and browns — also, khakis for a soft natural look. Opt for softened and toned-down reds, greens, and pinks for a more highlighted and accentuated look.

A good finish is important here. You can add a little shimmer in browns or stick to matte. Shimmers add warmth but should be done moderately to not seem out of place with the rest of your appearance.

Very bright or dark colors will add too much saturation to your tone. Therefore, as stated earlier, stay away from sharp reds, icy blues, and black. If you want a dramatic look, a sharp, smoky eye, for example, burnt hickory or sepia brown, are good options.

Soft Autumn Eyeliners and Mascara

Your mascara should be a softer brown or warmer gray for an everyday look. Use browns in a slightly darker shade like Beluga or ash for bolder, more accentuated looks. Typical black is generally too much for you.

Eyeliners should also be softer browns. However, you can also experiment with medium green and blue shades like dusty jade green, trekking green, pacific green, estate blue, and ore.

For both mascaras and eyeliners, be careful about choosing shades that are too warm or rich. Choose one that blends well with your delicate appearance and does not stick out excessively.

Soft Autumn Lipstick

Soft Autumns do well with nude lipsticks and all the classic neutrals. A lip color closely matching your natural tint is great for an everyday look. Deeper but soft berry lips are great for an enhanced look.

On the other hand, bright-colored lips like sharp or overly warm red tones won’t suit you well. Instead, go for brown, rose, or reddish options with a matte finish.

Soft Autumn Blushes

You may have to undergo trial and error for the perfect complimentary blush. Avoid reds and, instead, invest in blushes that are a bit warm in peach or russet colors. Additionally, you can use one with a very light shimmer.

Soft Autumn Bronzers and Highlighters

Bronzers and highlighters are components that add depth and richness to the overall look for Soft Autumns. They add warmth and a healthy glow. Still, too much of it might overwhelm the rest of your makeup.

With the base of your makeup in rich and muted tones, a lot of shine, shimmer, and warmth will be glaring and overwhelming. Light application and thorough blending are important for a harmonious look. Thus, avoid bronzers and highlighters with orange or reddish tones.

Soft Autumn Foundation and Concealers

Foundation is a subset of complexion makeup. As a Soft Autumn, the ideal foundation for you should be from neutral palettes. Usually, the skin tone of Soft Autumns can be fair, tan, or in-between, and it’s a wide range. Thus, recommending one type or hue can be bothersome. When applied, you must select one that matches perfectly and becomes one with your skin.

For makeup under the complexion subset, the base can be neutral. One thing to look out for will be the finishing. The best foundation for your skin tone should have a little to no yellow undertone. It should also preferably not have a finishing that is too matte or shiny. Concealers also fall under complexion makeup and thus should use the same directives.


Invest in neutral, mute, and medium warm colors for the perfect harmonious look as a Soft Autumn. Warm colors complement your naturally gentle appearance and undersaturated skin hue perfectly. Happy shopping!

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